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Mayoral hopeful Michael Flaherty's campaign is pressing for more debates. The campaign had 150 volunteers out this weekend, passing out flyers that hit incumbent Mayor Thomas Menino on debates, or rather the current lack thereof. Menino has agreed to... Read more
Responding to mayoral candidate Sam Yoon's call for term limits, fellow candidate Michael Flaherty said that should be left up to Boston voters. Voters should file an initiative petition to establish the term limits, he adds. "...[W]hen it comes to making... Read more
The symbolism is hardly subtle: On the same day that Mayor Thomas Menino hits a milestone – 5,846 days in office – surpassing the amount of days former Mayor Kevin White served, City Councillor At-Large and mayoral candidate Sam Yoon is pushing a term... Read more
The Lit Drop pointed to the Yoon camp this morning and its borrowing of mayoral candidate Michael Flaherty’s ad campaign. But it turns out Flaherty potentially has his own problem with the ad campaign: Apple and its copyright. John Ruch of the Jamaica... Read more
In a fundraising appeal sent out this morning, City Councillor At-Large Sam Yoon appears to take a page out of fellow Councillor Michael Flaherty's playbook. Promoting his proposal encouraging city workers to use ZipCar, the Yoon camp copied Flaherty's "... Read more
The Globe: "There's trouble afoot for Mayor Thomas M. Menino. More specifically, it's the right foot that has been giving the 66-year-old mayor trouble." The Herald: "The mayor, trying to give Hub commerce a kick, hopped along in an aircast today as he... Read more
If it was a choice between saving just you or a Yankees player from a burning house, he'd save you. The bad news: It's only because he wants to beat you, according to an email interview with a blog called DISGRASIAN. But hey, a save is a save, right?... Read more
Weeks after excoriating him on the SailBoston issue, Globe columnist Scot Lehigh has some props for Mayor Thomas Menino, who is warring with the local firefighters' union: Although late to the table on fire department reform, Mayor Tom Menino wins solid... Read more
We here at the Lit Drop would be remiss if we didn’t mention the recent profile that the Dorchester Reporter’s sister paper, the Boston Irish Reporter, has on Michael Flaherty, City Councillor At-Large and a candidate for mayor. Flaherty's Irish roots... Read more
Mayor Thomas Menino disavowed on Monday comments made by his debate manager on the “organizational capacity” of a nonpartisan voting rights group to hold a debate. Menino’s debate manager, former CBS news executive Ed Fouhy*, told the Boston Herald... Read more


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