But wait: Flaherty taking page out of...Apple's playbook?

The Lit Drop pointed to the Yoon camp this morning and its borrowing of mayoral candidate Michael Flaherty’s ad campaign. But it turns out Flaherty potentially has his own problem with the ad campaign: Apple and its copyright.

John Ruch of the Jamaica Plain Gazette explains:

In the most attention-getting advertising campaign of this year’s Boston mayoral race, candidate Michael Flaherty likens himself to slick new technology—including Apple, Inc.’s popular iPod and iPhone devices.

But the ads could draw attention of another kind—a trademark violation complaint from Apple, according to a prominent Boston attorney who specializes in intellectual property issues.

SEE ALSO: Ruch also has an article on Flaherty vowing to overhaul the Inspectional Services Department (ISD) and the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA), while also charging that "the Latino community does not have a voice in the Menino administration." A Menino spokeswoman called the assertion "off-base."