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Flattery got mayoral hopeful Kevin McCrea nowhere Monday night. Asked by NECN talk show host Jim Braude how he planned to win the preliminary election on Sept. 22, the South End businessman quipped, “I go on Jim Braude’s radio show, I go on your TV... Read more
City Councillor At-Large Michael Flaherty's mayoral campaign ratcheted up the rhetoric on Monday, ripping into Mayor Thomas Menino over his proposal to raise the city's meals and lodging taxes. Campaign manager Jon Romano sent a fundraising appeal to... Read more
Boston magazine's Joe Keohane appears to have gotten his wish this year: a mayor's race. And a four-way mayor's race, at that. (In a June 2008 column for the magazine, he described himself as "inconsolable" after former Suffolk County DA Ralph Martin... Read more
City Councillor At-Large and mayoral candidate Michael Flaherty launched a new website on Saturday that hit Mayor Thomas Menino over city spending. The website features a new flyer Flaherty volunteers are distributing this weekend: One side, titled "... Read more
The Michael Flaherty campaign took a swing at Mayor Thomas Menino this morning, issuing a statement declaring Flaherty’s opposition to Menino’s plan for a meal and hotel tax increase. Flaherty said that Menino “has failed to effectively manage the... Read more
The Globe reported today that city councilor and mayoral candidate Michael Flaherty supports placing Boston city workers on the state's group insurance plan, claiming that it will save Boston $8 million. "Flaherty, a city councilor at large, said... Read more
It was a scathing editorial: In a 624-word April harangue titled “Change is coming,” the Bay State Banner, a local paper chiefly focused on the region’s African-American community, ripped into Mayor Thomas Menino. The author, Melvin Miller, took the... Read more
Mayoral candidate Kevin McCrea posts an apparent invitation from WBZ's Jon Keller for an hour-long Aug. 26 debate. Here's the format. And for those keeping track at home, this is how you do an actual debate. Anything else is a "forum," where you read off... Read more
City Councillor Sam Yoon’s top aide in City Hall is moving over to the campaign. Mary Grissom, Yoon’s chief of staff, will be taking over as campaign manager, a campaign spokesman confirmed to the Reporter. She is leaving City Hall at the end of the... Read more
Shame on the Lit Drop for missing this on the first go-around! UPDATE: Flaherty camp says the typo was not included in the flyers that volunteers handed out over the weekend.


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