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Lit Drop - Election 2021: A Year of Transition at Boston City Hall
The race to replace Jon Santiago, who left his 9th Suffolk House seat for a Healey administration post, is underway. Anchored in the South End, the House district’s boundaries stretch down past the South Bay shopping plaza,... Read more.
Voters in a part of Dorchester can pencil in a special election for May, as their state representative, Jon Santiago, has resigned to take a job in the Healey administration. Santiago, a South End Democrat and a major in the... Read more.
In 1976, South Boston’s Michael Joseph Donovan won a nine-way Democratic primary for the down-ballot job of Suffolk Superior Court Clerk for Civil Business. He was the youngest person ever elected to the position, and over... Read more.
Ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft have settled into cities after burning through investor cash to subsidize customer rides at low prices and skirting local laws to establish their dominance. The convenience of... Read more.
For a moment in January, talk of Marty Walsh as the new White House chief of staff was in the air. So was Marty Walsh, with no internet access. The labor secretary was flying from London to Boston after spending a busy few... Read more.
Days after Mayor Michelle Wu used part of her “State of the City” speech to critique the past decade of development in the city, her predecessor appeared to offer a defense of his administration’s time inside City Hall.... Read more.
The 2023 State of the City was a packed affair at the new MGM Fenway Music Hall adjacent to Fenway Park on Lansdowne Street – with Mayor Michelle Wu delivering her first address to the city, its residents, and its business... Read more.
Mayor Michelle delivered her first "State of the City" speech on Wed., Jan. 25 at the MGM Music Hall. The full text is available below, as prepared for delivery. Good evening, Boston! Tonight we’re at the beautiful new MGM... Read more.
Wu state of the city
Disassembled? Dismembered? Ripped from the surly bonds of City Hall? Not quite. The Boston Planning and Development Agency, a frequent campaign trail target for abolishment and reform, seems poised to continue its existence... Read more.
Latoya Gayle, a St. Mark’s area resident who works for a nonprofit focused on early education and childcare issues, is considering a run for the City Council’s District 3 seat. “I’m being encouraged to throw my hat in the... Read more.
Dorchester unions are lining up — or at least lining up campaign finance accounts — in District 3. Frank Baker, the incumbent councillor who has held the seat since 2012, hasn’t publicly decided if he’s running for another... Read more.
Boston City Hall ended 2022 with a well-stocked mayoral cabinet, including several members with Dorchester connections. Mary Skipper, the superintendent of the Boston Public Schools (BPS), is a resident and the founding head... Read more.
Joel Richards, a Boston Public Schools teacher and pastor who ran for the District 4 City Council seat in 2021, plans to make another run for office next year. But this time he’d be running for the District 3 City Council... Read more.
When William Mountbatten-Windsor, better known as “the Prince of Wales,” stepped into the hallway outside the mayor of Boston’s office last Wednesday, he was greeted by black-and-white pictures of his late grandmother, who... Read more.
Redistricting, like elections, is about the future. That didn’t stop at least one councillor, angry over the new boundaries of his Dorchester district and the carving of Neponset, from inexplicably bringing up the Troubles... Read more.
Since the September primary, House candidate Chris Worrell has knocked on doors with US Sen. Ed Markey and been the beneficiary of a Mayor Michelle Wu fundraiser. Worrell, who is running for the Fifth Suffolk district seat,... Read more.
Auditor candidate Chris Dempsey and Rep. Ayanna Pressley
The Communities of Color (COC) coalition and Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley will hold an endorsement rally on Saturday afternoon at Ashmont Station – where Pressley is formally endorsing state auditor candidate Chris Dempsey... Read more.
COC DA debate
Interim District Attorney Kevin Hayden and his opponent Ricardo Arroyo on Wednesday night faced off over allegations of misconduct at a forum hosted by the Communities of Color (COC) coalition at Mattapan’s Morningstar... Read more.
Two state representatives jockeying for the same state Senate post. A former occupant, who held the post for 15 years, looking for a comeback after time in prison and a focus on community activism. A longtime federal housing... Read more.
Some voters will go to the polls in person next Tuesday to cast ballots to determine Democratic and Republican primary candidates, and, in some cases, to pick winners in the general election who are expected to face little... Read more.
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