[Insert foot-related pun here] and jeers for Cheers

The Globe: "There's trouble afoot for Mayor Thomas M. Menino. More specifically, it's the right foot that has been giving the 66-year-old mayor trouble."

The Herald: "The mayor, trying to give Hub commerce a kick, hopped along in an aircast today as he led members of the International Council of Shopping Centers on a guided tour of Newbury Street and the Back Bay."

The mayor says he bruised it, "or something" and now must wear an Aircast for a bit.

SEE ALSO: Separately, The Weekly Dig's Cara Bayles takes us through mayoral candidate Michael Flaherty's "Good.Better." video finale:

Let us try to break this down for you: in 1993, light bulbs were ugly. Bill Clinton was president, and Al Gore invented the internet. And Cheers went off the air.

A lot has changed since then (Cheers is, mercifully, still off the air). You are older and your car is younger. Now, you tackle challenges by awkwardly posing with your laptop outside.