A new report published by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston offers new insights into how racial discrimination and other barriers continue to make life more difficult for families with rental assistance vouchers who are trying to find housing in... Read more

From the get-go it has been an unwieldly experiment, this union of ours. Conceived amid grievances shared, forged in protracted battle against foreign lords and their mercenaries, it was launched as a practical necessity for the survival of a fragile,... Read more

I watched a wonderful video on Facebook that showed our friend Kieran Jordan dancing in full form at last month’s 25th annual Catskills Irish Festival. I was really pleased to see it and felt very encouraged to see how she had responded to her illness... Read more

Over the years, the Reporter has been quite fortunate in attracting a bumper crop of talented young journalists to work with us to tell the stories of Boston’s largest neighborhood. This week, in a bittersweet turn, we say fare-thee-well to one of the... Read more

On Tuesday, the House of Representatives voted to condemn the racist statements of the person whom Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley refers to as “the current occupant of the White House.” The reprimand was a good start. But the fact that only four... Read more

The summer season is in full swing and there’s no shortage of outdoor fun in our own backyard. Whether its live music or hitting the water, there’s lots of fun and free activities to plan for.

The Boston Parks and Recreation Dept. and Mayor... Read more

p8 busing confrontation AP REP 27-19.jpg

Massachusetts Sen. Edward W. Brooke, foreground, faced members of ROAR (... Read more

If there is any upside to our summer of discontent on the Red Line, perhaps it could be this: Some long-suffering MBTA customers are beating a path to the Fairmount Line. While the commuter rail line offers less frequent departures— there’s an average... Read more

Gov. Charlie Baker and his team are taking heat this week from normally friendly quarters over a familiar, but suddenly more urgent problem: the MBTA. Last Tuesday’s derailment at JFK-UMass station underscored the fragile nature of our region’s transit... Read more

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The ribbon cutting scene outside the Treadmark building last Friday, June 7. Bill Forry... Read more

Today— June 6— is the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the massive offensive by Allied forces in WWII to liberate France and, ultimately, all of Europe, from Nazi occupation and oppression.

The beaches and hedgerows of Normandy can seem, at times,... Read more

Photo by Chris Lovett

The Dot Day parade and the people who put it all together did our neighborhood... Read more

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The Reporter has been covering Boston’s biggest neighborhood since 1983. We have more readers than ever— mainly thanks to our website, DotNews.com,... Read more

Memorial Day 2018 in Cedar Grove Cemetery. Chris Lovett photo

Monday’s observation of Memorial Day in Dorchester... Read more

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Project D.E.E.P. participants were photographed at Monday night's... Read more