It’s been clear for a while now that our governor does not care much for the administration that is still taking shape in Washington D.C. this week. Charlie Baker did not cast a ballot in the presidential race and over the last year he was at least... Read more

Chris Harding, one of the Dorchester Reporter’s most prolific and reliable columnists, died just before Christmas. His loss is felt most dearly, of course, by his... Read more

The Obamas will soon move out of the White House, and I am saddened by that reality. It’s not just that the president will leave the post with much unfinished business, including an array of policy decisions that are likely to be changed or reversed... Read more

A three-year project aimed at reducing crime by creating opportunities for people in the Bowdoin-Geneva community will begin in the new year. The Boston Public Health Commission announced that it will use a $1 million grant from the federal government... Read more

UMass Boston held a groundbreaking ceremony for the first-ever student housing on the Dorchester campus on Dec. 1. It’s fascinating how the local landscape and political climate has changed in the last decade. Ten years ago, a proposal to build dorms... Read more

A flurry of notable decisions emanated from the fifth floor of Boston City Hall this week. Taken together, they signal a robust agenda for the Walsh administration as it enters into what could be a competitive election cycle in 2017.

On Tuesday... Read more

You can’t blame wary T commuters for wondering if they’d be better off investing in cross-country skis instead of a Charlie Card this winter.

On Monday, the MBTA Fiscal and Management Control Board heard that the Red Line is already seeing some... Read more

The Walsh administration’s attempt to map out Boston’s future gained momentum with last week’s release of the Imagine Boston 2030 draft report... Read more

Boston residents looking for a rare bright spot in last week’s election results can find it in a few places. One is that city voters overwhelmingly supported the passage of the Community Preservation Act, agreeing to a one-percent surcharge on their... Read more

Is the American experiment in democracy equipped to survive a Trump presidency? Our E-day-plus-one answer is, “Of course it will.” And it is the responsibility of our leaders, especially the vanquished Democratic ticket, to re-affirm this bedrock... Read more

In 2008, the Dorchester Reporter chose Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton as our preferred nominee for president. We wrote: “In a contest that increasingly seems likely to feature proven cross-over candidate John McCain on the Republican ticket, team... Read more