Editor's note: MBTA officials confirm that the new Blue Hill Avenue station on the Fairmount Line will... Read more

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Two years ago, MBTA management commissioned a study to determine the best route forward for the... Read more

As if we didn’t have enough cause to hold this American president and his administration in the deepest of disdain, a new policy brief prepared by the Fenway Institute of Fenway Health was issued last week and, as you’d expect, it’s not great news. The... Read more

Mayor Walsh’s fifth State of the City speech on Tuesday night was familiar to the ears of longtime city observers. As in bygone years, the address summed up the progress of Walsh’s tenure and laid out new goals for the balance of his second term.... Read more

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One of Dorchester’s throwback barrooms—... Read more

Army Sgt. 1st Class Eric Michael Emond, who was killed in action last week along with three other US servicemen in an attack in Afghanistan, was Dorchester... Read more

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the negativity that seems to consume so much of our modern world. From victims of violence in our own backyards to those trapped in the horrific fires or mass shootings in California, there’s ample reason for despair.... Read more

Another flap that made headlines this week involves our city’s police commissioner— William Gross— and his critique of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Gross wrote and posted a scathing rebuke of the organization on his Facebook page— and... Read more

The Dorchester Historical Society — one of the neighborhood’s oldest and most respected organizations— this week found itself in the very awkward position of apologizing for a holiday postcard... Read more

You’ve got to hand it to Charlie Baker: His re-election feat last week may not have been the biggest win for a Republican governor in Massachusetts history - that distinction goes to Bill Weld, who, according to the State House News Service, trounced... Read more

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Two no-frills retailers in Dorchester that cater to bargain hunters are on the verge of shutting in the... Read more

There’s no need to wait until Tuesday, Nov. 6. Voters around the city can get to the polls early (if not often) this month to fulfill their civic duty in the state and federal elections.

According to Secretary of State Bill Galvin, less than... Read more

On Wednesday morning, Mayor Walsh laid out a strategy for protecting the city’s waterfront communities— including Dorchester— from major flooding events and the longer-term impacts of rising sea levels.

“We’re not just planning for the next... Read more

A report published this week by researchers at Harvard’s JFK School of Government should prompt policy makers at City Hall— and all citizens of the city of Boston— to think about the manner by which we enroll students into our exam schools.

The... Read more

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In a memo sent to the UMass Boston community on Tuesday, interim Chancellor... Read more