Much of the fallout from last week’s City Council election has been focused on the defeats of two incumbent district city councillors – Ricardo Arroyo and Kendra Lara – and rightfully so. Never before had any incumbents been bounced by voters in the... Read more


Even as we prepare to celebrate a milestone moment in this newspaper’s history, the Reporter family is mourning a sudden loss this... Read more

Brian Donnelly, the Lower Mills guy from St Gregory’s parish who served six years as a Dorchester state rep and fourteen years as a member of Congress, will be memorialized this month when the Irish Cultural Centre gathers to present the first “Brian... Read more

Bostonians are a resilient lot. We take pride in celebrating together with large public events that become beloved traditions. And we defy those who disrupt and endanger these traditions with outrageous acts of lawlessness and violence by carrying on... Read more

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A changing of the guard is coming at Codman Square Health Center, one of the city’s key... Read more

Boston’s newest public statue was unveiled earlier this month inside a memorial park near Roxbury’s Nubian Square. The dedication ceremony deserved more attention than it received from the larger community, in part because it happened at the height of... Read more

Boston’s political class has become polarized in the last few years to a degree that is counterproductive and potentially dangerous. As the larger republic staggers closer to a potentially existential cliff led by the truth-bereft Trump mob and now... Read more

Mayor Wu, who was the target of the most aggressive and sustained harassment campaign in the history of the city in her first year in office, came under renewed fire last week from some elements of the media. Her alleged offense? Responding to a Boston... Read more

There is a spirited contest now underway in Dorchester to choose a replacement for Councillor Frank Baker, who has decided not to seek re-election to the District 3 seat that he has represented since 2012. Seven people have secured a spot on the Sept.... Read more

The Boston City Council didn’t need another ding to its already battered reputation. But when District 6 Councillor Kendra Lara steered a borrowed automobile off the road and into the front porch of a Jamaica Plain home on June 30, she once again... Read more

A new report released this week by the Massachusetts-based Partnership for Financial Equity offers a clear-eyed assessment of the current state of home lending practices both across the state and at the... Read more

The doors of the Curley Community Center on Columbia Road in South Boston swung open to the public last Friday (June 9) for the first time in more than three years, welcoming residents eager to get their first look at the renovated beachfront amenity... Read more

The Boston City Council came to consensus last month on a revised map that makes minor changes to the nine district seats that constitute the majority of the council’s membership. There are also four at-large councillors elected to the 13-member body... Read more

The Dorchester Reporter family is celebrating our 40th anniversary this year.

Founded by my parents, Ed Forry and Mary Casey Forry, in a spare bedroom of my childhood home on Richmond Street, the newspaper started as a monthly publication in... Read more