On Monday, Mayor Wu signed off on the final version of the nine re-drawn city council districts that was passed by the City Council in a veto-proof... Read more

The Democratic nominee for governor, Maura Healey, has mainly positive things to say about Gov. Charlie Baker and his administration. By and large, we tend to agree. But, when Healey takes charge – as expected – at the State House next year, there... Read more


The debate over how to redraw district lines for Boston’s nine city council seats is reaching its climax this month. It’s never an easy process and this year’s work... Read more

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US Labor Secretary Marty Walsh. Dept.of Labor photo

Marty Walsh... Read more

It has been a few months since Cardinal Sean O’Malley issued at least a temporary reprieve for St. Brendan’s Church on Gallivan Boulevard. The church’s pastor... Read more

Anxiety and angst abound about the ongoing building boom that will add thousands of new units of rental and condo units along the Morrissey Boulevard corridor over the coming months and years. Neighbors, understandably, are worried about the impacts on... Read more

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MBTA General Manager Steve Poftak flashes a printed version of a 16-page "Rider's Guide to... Read more

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The Wu administration’s attempt to try out car-free Saturdays in the neighborhoods comes... Read more

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After eight weeks of trekking across the United States (and parts of Canada) on bicycles, a father-and-son team... Read more

Mayor Wu’s flurry of top cabinet appointments this summer brings in homegrown talent to lead the city’s three biggest departments— schools, fire, and police. The BPS superintendent, Mary Skipper, is a Somerville native who has lived in Dorchester for... Read more

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Below left, Caribbean Integration Development Corporation (CICD) President Donald Alexis notes... Read more

The presence of white supremacist agitators within Boston city limits is hardly a new phenomenon. But Saturday’s march by a group of roughly 100 flag and shield wielding Hitler youth wannabees seemed to catch local authorities unaware and off guard.... Read more

A report on the state’s home lending market published this week by the Massachusetts Community & Banking Council supports what many in Dorchester and Mattapan... Read more

With gas prices ballooning and MBTA service frequency now in a phased retreat amid a federal safety probe, it’s no wonder that people in our state are looking for alternatives for moving around Massachusetts. A new poll released on Tuesday by The... Read more

Parades can be a bit chaotic, especially at the start. On Dot Day, there’s always a scrum at the ribbon-cutting in front of St. Greg’s with politicians angling to get into the money shot. And there’s a swarm of cameras with pro journalists and amateurs... Read more