Pope's Hill

“April winds blow, and daffodils Dance in gowns with yellow frills, Streaming between bare branches of trees, Flowers bud from under the freeze.” By Dorothy O’Neill Our side yard is so pretty, with yellow and purple... Read more
Mayor Thomas Menino reiterated a promise by his staff that preschool programs would continue at the Murphy Community Center and eight other community centers this week, saying there were state slots available for the children if funding for the teachers,... Read more
“I’m Irish And I’m proud if it You hear so many say And if they’re not They wish they were On each St. Patrick’s Day.” “St. Patrick’s Day” by Josephine Wayland I send thanks to my Florida friend Anne Wayland O’Hara for allowing... Read more
"There's no place quite like Ireland, there's no place quite so green- Where blue-green sea meets emerald hills, To make a lovely scene. Where shamrocks poke their sleepy heads Through snow drops of morning dew; And jade-green leaves dance happily Against... Read more
"February's very gay With St. Valentine to share, As sweet Cupid on his day Shoots arrows through the air." "February" by Carice Williams Hubby and I still have the Valentine decorations that we used to decorate our school rooms when we were teaching. My... Read more
Decrepit section of 19th-century Neponset tavern may soon be on the chopping block.: Photo by Chris Lovett. Neighborhood residents and developers are closer to agreement over plans for housing and demolition near Neponset Circle. By a show of hands, more... Read more
The president of the Pope's Hill Neighborhood Association this week hit planners of the new Pope John Paul II Academy for lack of a traffic study for its Neponset campus. "I think the community is getting the short shrift," said Phil Carver, speaking at a... Read more
"One thin shootSoars higher than the rest,Its weightless leader tremblingIn the morning breeze.Dancing, weaving, leaping…In response to the sun?Or simply with excitementThat spring has come!""Spring" by Louise Godissart McQuillen Out in the back yard,... Read more
"A tiny dropWent way beneath the groundTo tell a very sleepy flowerThe wondrous things he'd found.There's green embroideryOn the trees.The cover's off the brookAnd tempted thus, a crocus budPut up her head to look.""Curiosity" by Josephine Wayland The... Read more
"An Irish Farewell""There's a lingering in the doorw`ayWhen the Irish say farewellAnd there's always one more storyThat the parting guest must tell.Then an extra round of handshakesWith a kiss or two and then…Reassuring shouts of pleasureUrging them to... Read more


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