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Hubby and I have seen quite a few changes in the leaves, usually in the low areas. The burning bushes at the Stop & Shop in North Quincy are beginning to turn color. We have seen, on the TV weather reports, that Norwood has already been in the low 30s... Read more
Even though Hubby has been retired from the Boston Public Schools for more than 12 years, he is still in a school frame of mind. At this time of year, he must buy pens, pencils, notebooks, and even school glue. These products are usually on sale at great... Read more
After the heavy rain of last Saturday, Hubby was back out in the yard harvesting his tomatoes. The cherry tomatoes in the white five-gallon buckets, are turning red very quickly. We are eating them at lunch and at dinner. We refused, however, to put them... Read more
Hubby and I noticed that very few people were walking on our local streets because the heat of the past week has been very difficult to bear. We bring everything that we can into the living room, which is air-conditioned. I have even gone through the... Read more
I haven’t seen fields of wheat but Hubby and I certainly saw fields of tall corn when we rode through Virginia recently. Our corn around Boston is maturing at a much slower rate because of the cold and rainy weather conditions in May and June. Hubby,... Read more
Hubby is so proud of two of his sunflowers. The one near the front stairs is about as tall as I am and has a huge flower. The one out by the side stairs is smaller but just as pretty. In the garden outside St. Christopher’s Church, someone is tending... Read more
The hot and humid weather of the past couple of weeks has fostered an abundant crop of weeds in our yard. Hubby and I try to pull the weeds away from the rose bushes and the clematis. Hubby has about six sunflowers growing in the yard. Of course, the... Read more
I finally was able to get outside to finish putting plants into our two whiskey barrels. As I turned over the soil in the larger of the barrels, a parade of the little bugs that ate me alive about a month ago started pouring over the side of the barrel.... Read more
I think back to some of the flowers that I knew as a child: the hollyhocks, the Japanese lanterns, the bleeding hearts, and the balsams (my grandfather’s favorite). Each fall, we would pop open the seed pods of the balsams and save the seeds for the... Read more
I think back to some of the flowers I knew as a child: the hollyhocks, the Japanese lanterns, the bleeding hearts. I don’t remember impatiens, which are so prevalent now. In my mind, I can still picture one of my teachers as she pinched dead leaves from... Read more


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