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When the cold front came in on Sunday afternoon, the strong winds came with it. Most of the leaves on our rose bushes came off. The maple tree in the next yard began shedding its leaves. There were leaves all over our street. Hubby moved all the pots of... Read more
Superintendent Carol Johnson is delaying a vote on plans to close schools, giving parents opposed to the closures a month to regroup. Dorchester schools on the chopping block include Roger Clap Elementary and the East Zone Early Learning Center. School... Read more
Dorchester’s spiritual community has borne firsthand witness to the community’s history, which stretches back nearly four centuries. It was members of a church community, the First Parish Church, that founded this city within a city. After decades of... Read more
The Pope’s Hill Neighborhood Association is hosting a debate next week on three ballot questions voters will decide when they head to the polls in less than two weeks. If approved by voters, Question 1 would eliminate the sales tax on alcohol, restoring... Read more
This is my favorite time of year. I love the colors of autumn. Hubby and I were fortunate to be in New Hampshire just as autumn officially began. Marty Allen had organized a trip to Indian Head in Lincoln, New Hampshire, near Cannon Mountain. There was a... Read more
Boston's coffers ended fiscal year 2010 with a $9.1 million surplus, a fiscal watchdog group reports. The Boston Municipal Research Bureau said Monday that the $9.1 million represents represents 0.4 percent of that fiscal year's $2.3 billion in spending.... Read more
The City Council on Wednesday voted 11-2 to pass Mayor Thomas Menino’s $2.3 billion budget for fiscal year 2011. Councillors also voted unanimously to pass a home rule petition – which requires approval from the mayor, the governor and the state... Read more
Chris Lovett of Neighborhood Network News reports on an attempted King Street eviction that was blocked by neighbors and activists this morning. Supporters say that the lender seeking to evict Ursula Humes from her home erred by not following through on a... Read more
Hubby and I did stay up till midnight to see the New Year in. We switched channels from the Times Square celebration to Boston’s celebration. We had some coffee about 9 p.m. but still had trouble staying awake until midnight. Hubby didn’t even bother... Read more
This is, indeed, a most unusual October. October in Boston is supposed to have the most sunny days of all the months of the year. After watching the Patriots’ game yesterday, I thought we had jumped ahead to December or January. On our way home from... Read more


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