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I think back to some of the flowers that I knew as a child: the hollyhocks, the Japanese lanterns, the bleeding hearts, and the balsams (my grandfather’s favorite). Each fall, we would pop open the seed pods of the balsams and save the seeds for the... Read more
I think back to some of the flowers I knew as a child: the hollyhocks, the Japanese lanterns, the bleeding hearts. I don’t remember impatiens, which are so prevalent now. In my mind, I can still picture one of my teachers as she pinched dead leaves from... Read more
Emma: Help her get homeA 3.5 year-old German Shorthaired Pointer named "Emma" who went missing after escaping from its dog sitters on Wednesday (July 8) from Victory Rd. park was found near Franklin Park on Saturday morning. The pooch had last been seen... Read more
Hubby and I always love the Fourth of July. It is usually a leisurely time during the day as we work around the house and yard but we are sure to be seated in front of the TV in the evening for the annual Fourth of July Pops’ concert on the Esplanade.... Read more
Hubby has replaced our tattered flag with a brand new one for this Fourth of July. We will have to send our old flag to the Boy Scouts so that they may dispose of it properly. Hubby also put up our red, white, and blue star-shaped windspin on the porch. A... Read more
What a lovely tribute to Will Rogers Sr. from his son. I laugh when the phone rings and it’s a call from one of our kids. “Please put Dad on the phone. I have a question.” Hubby/Dad can usually answer the question or he goes into his vast array of... Read more
Our roses continue to amaze me. We probably have more success with them than with any other plant in our garden except, of course, with weeds. We do have an abundance of weeds. We now have a white rose bush with pale pink edging, standing right next to... Read more
Our roses are magnificent, if Hubby and I dare say so. He took photos of the big rosebush in our front yard. The big, beautiful roses against the white house siding looked even more spectacular than usual. Hubby feeds our rose bushes once a month with a... Read more
I saw this saying in a Ziggy cartoon. All the new roses that Hubby and I have planted have small thorns. We do, however, have some very old rose bushes along the side fence that have vicious thorns. Both the new roses and the old roses have beautiful... Read more
Our roses are almost out. I planted several flats of pansies into a huge flower pot so the pansies wouldn’t dry out so easily. Our grapevine is finally starting to leaf out, much to our relief. By the way, if you are filling a large, empty flower pot or... Read more


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