They don't help get votes. UPDATE: Steve Garfield closes the case with whoever it was.
We kind of wish we were able to listen in on the interview between Jamaica Plain Gazette's John Ruch and the "official" write-in candidate for mayor. Brighton resident William Feegbeh spoke with the JP Gazette about having eyes on the mayor's chair,... Read more
The Jamaica Plain Gazette checks in with a 2,200-word article on Mayor Thomas Menino: Spending 90 minutes chatting in one of the city’s neighborhoods, Menino was clearly in his element. Picking up a bottle of water that had been damaged so that the cap... Read more
We learned a couple of things at Thursday’s rollicking FOX25/Herald debate, the last televised face-off before the Sept. 22 preliminary: Michael Flaherty doesn’t know how much a ride on the MBTA costs. Mayor Thomas Menino thinks that Boston streets... Read more
For an example of how not to use Facebook in a mayoral campaign, we turn to Allentown, Pennsylvania. Tony Phillips, a councilman running for mayor, apparently engaged in a "flirtatious-turned-salacious" exchange in Facebook's chat option with someone... Read more
Two congressmen are readying to face off over the late U.S. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy's seat, and Dorchester could be caught in the middle. Congressmen Michael Capuano (D-Somerville) and Stephen Lynch (D-South Boston) have pulled nominations papers for the... Read more
A brief round-up of (non-Kennedy seat) links you might have missed. Feel free to send suggestions to gin.dumcius (at) gmail.com or mwdeehan (at) gmail.com. 1. The Bay State Banner talks with Larry Ellison, president of the Massachusetts Association of... Read more
We're hearing Dorchester's Ward 16 Democratic Committee made some endorsements last night, including a unanimous vote for Mayor Thomas Menino's re-election effort. The ward includes Fields Corner, down through Cedar Grove and over to the Neponset River.... Read more
Mayor Thomas Menino's desk gets around. At least, that's according to a spot his re-election campaign has put on YouTube. "This is the desk of Mayor Thomas M. Menino. A man who doesn't conduct business behind closed doors, but out in the neighborhoods of... Read more
The timing of it was apparently wreaking havoc with reporters' reporting. Universal Hub's Adam Gaffin has the lowdown. It should be mentioned that Kevin's been having a good couple of days. One of his criticisms appeared to bear some fruit in today's... Read more


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