The 'Donald Duck' vote

City Councillors At-Large Michael Flaherty and Sam Yoon sat down with the Jamaica Plain Gazette soon after they announced their "ticket." And Yoon, who lost to Flaherty by about 2,300 votes, didn't exactly have the warmest words for fourth place finisher Kevin McCrea's effort.

“Campaign [and] political experts will tell you, you can put the name Donald Duck on the ballot and you’d get the same number of votes as McCrea... It’s sort of the ‘screw you’ vote,” Yoon told the Gazette's John Ruch of McCrea's roughly 3,000 votes. “But there are tons of people out there who believe the same things Kevin does, but are willing to work with government to make that happen.”

Yoon later quipped, “We’ll create a position called the Division of Kevin McCrea Information Requests,” and Flaherty threw in the name “McFOIA.”

McCrea, who has considered going into talk radio, told the Gazette that Yoon later called him to apologize for the remarks.

Should McCrea endorse Flaherty - and, by extension Yoon - it will likely be an uneasy alliance, of course.

After the three candidates had stood together outside of City Hall in a morning presser to protest Menino aide Michael Kineavy's deleting of emails, McCrea returned to his criticism of both Flaherty and Yoon at a forum later that day.