Whatever happened to the No Nonsense Mobile?

Ever since local EMT Bill Trabucco didn't make it past the Sept. 22 preliminary election, one question has burned in our minds: What happened to his No Nonsense-mobile? Tonight, walking by the intersection of Columbia Rd. and Dorchester Ave., we got our answer.

City Council At-Large candidate Andrew Kenneally, who received Trabucco's endorsement, is renting it.

"I am honored to have Bill’s endorsement," Kenneally wrote in an email to the Lit Drop. "He, like many of the other former candidates in the race, care deeply about this city and brought a lot of energy and ideas to the race."

And we've got ocular proof of the vehicle's makeover. Kenneally attached a photo of him and the lifelong Dorchester resident, with the remodeled No Nonsense-mobile.

The former No Nonsense-mobileThe former No Nonsense-mobile