As we head into the final days of campaign 2010, the Reporter endorses the following candidates:

• Governor Deval Patrick — As we wrote in a more expansive... Read more

A meeting at the Lower Mills library on Monday evening could well decide the fate of that branch and, ultimately, branches throughout Dorchester and across the city at large. It is now time for all people who feel — as we do — that libraries are a... Read more

Four years ago, this newspaper endorsed the candidacy of Deval Patrick because of what we saw in him: The promise of a transformational leader who would bring change to state government.

Four years later, we endorse his candidacy for a more... Read more

The forecast looks very promising for Sunday’s second Irish Heritage festival in Adams Corner— which promises to be a great event for people of all backgrounds to enjoy. Last year’s festival drew an estimated 8,000 people to the village and organizers... Read more

We’ve seen our share of atrocities in this city over the years. There have been mass killings like the 2005 Bourneside basement murders that left four young men dead. There have been the innocent bystanders, like Tiffany Moore, age 9, hit by a stray... Read more

Mayor Menino and his administration are fooling themselves if they think that neighbors in Lower Mills are prepared to give up in the fight to keep our branch library open. Any discussion about the BPL’s services in Lower Mills needs to be based on a... Read more

The federal stimulus spending is getting panned by the cynics among us, but don’t count the people of Mattapan in that number. Scores took to the streets and sidewalks along Blue Hill Ave. last Friday for a New Orleans-style parade to celebrate the... Read more

Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz has distinguished herself as a first-term member of the Massachusetts State Senate. Her dedication to a progressive agenda that best represents the diverse Second Suffolk District has manifested itself in real results for her... Read more

Mayor Tom Menino’s dream of “saving” Dorchester’s Strand Theatre is admirable. His administration has pumped some $8 million into the Columbia Road facility to date and plans to spend at least another $2 million on renovations in the next fiscal year... Read more

The first word seized our attention some days before last weekend: A “tropical disturbance” was churning off the coast of Africa, and it could become – maybe – the first hurricane of the season. It would be known as “Earl.”

By Saturday, computer... Read more

Another week, another snub by the Menino administration toward the good people of Lower Mills and Mattapan.

The mayor made a ceremonial appearance on Tuesday at the Mildred Avenue Community Center (which is in Mattapan, not Roxbury, as the mayor... Read more

As we reported last week, the voter advocacy organization Mass VOTE has pulled together a series of forums intended to highlight contests for local offices. These seats for state representative often get little attention from the electorate and the... Read more

Future historians looking for some defining evidence of the political divide that exists in this country will need to look no further that the votes that took place in Congress this month.

It was just last week that the impasse between Democrats... Read more

Dorchester is home to the nation’s first urban community health center: Columbia Point’s Geiger-Gibson Health Center was founded by a pair of namesake doctors in 1965. Today, our community is home to a network of  not-for-profit health centers that... Read more

It has become a yearly rite of passage in this space to express great indignation whenever our beloved neighborhood gets passed over on some foolish “Best of Boston” list. This week, we’re tempted again to pound the table and flail away at our friends... Read more