Editorial: Hail to the Chiefs; Scan away, TSA

Dorchester Youth Hockey Chiefs: Under 18 squad celebrates another state title.Dorchester Youth Hockey Chiefs: Under 18 squad celebrates another state title.Here’s one local team to remember with a toast at your table this Thursday: The Dorchester Chiefs have done it again.

The Under 18 Dorchester Youth Hockey team bested South Boston to win the state championship in the Tier II division tournament on Nov. 14. The boys – coached by Charlie Pero, Scott Perry and Ross Pasquantonio – skated to a 6-4 victory over the Shamrocks in the Quincy Youth Arena. The boys will play for a national banner next year in Cleveland, Ohio.

The line-up included Jarrod Beckwith, Ian Cahill, John “Dorge” Delano, Sean Finn, Cullan Fitzgerald, Brendan Glynn, John Harrison, Brian Higgins, Thomas Hynes, Cody Kingston, Patrick Mannion, Kevin McCarthy, Teddy Meagher, William Russo, Paul Souza, Thomas Stanton, Ryan Sullivan, Kevin Sweeney, and Derek McInnes.

This marks the second consecutive year that the Chiefs have won the state title in their division. Last year’s squad went on to win the national title as well, beating a team from New Jersey last March. It was the third national championship earned by the Dorchester boys, since 2000. Pero, however, notes that this year’s team is “a totally new group of kids.”

“Everyone played well and it came together,” he said. “They were 7-4 through the season and we went 4-1 in this tournament. We’re really pleased with how well they came together.”

The Chiefs are already raising funds now to help pay for their trip to Ohio in March. Anyone who would like to contribute can send donations for the DYH Midget U-18 Team c/o Charlie Pero, 96 Neponset Ave., #4, Dorchester, 02122.

– Bill Forry

Scan away, TSA

The “outrage” over stepped-up security measures at US airports this season – especially full body imaging scanners – is the latest indication that many of our fellow Americans are completely losing it.

It was only last Christmas that an extremist aboard a Detroit-bound airplane tried to detonate a bomb secreted in his underwear that experts say would have brought down the plane. In response, the Obama administration has widened its deployment of scanners that can detect such devices. Critics say that they shouldn’t be used because they are an “invasion” of personal space – and that they won’t stop a terrorist carrying a weapon in a body cavity. So, instead, they’d rather not have the scanners used at all.

It’s hard to fathom why so many Americans seem oblivious to the terror threat posed by saboteurs seeking to blow up aircrafts. It’s only been nine years since September 11th. Is our collective memory really that short?

C’mon, folks: Suck it up. These scanners are the best technology we have to protect our air space — and our loved ones— this holiday season. Better technology is on the way. Until then, keep that line moving and try to show a little team spirit.

– Bill Forry


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