Dorchester and Mattapan people like to stay in touch, and on the Reporter's website, dotnews.com, a lively "virtual community" is developing, with neighbors old and new sharing their stories about their lives lived in our neighborhoods. Here's a... Read more

There are two attractive fund-raising events set for the community over the next two days, and each of them promises to be top-notch social events bringing neighbors together for good causes.

Tonight, after a year’s hiatus ,the fabulous “Men... Read more

The flap this week over the lost e-mails at City Hall is a last-minute distraction in a campaign season that otherwise has been conducted at a high level.

The four candidates for mayor have shared a forum several times, including two head-on... Read more

The community discussion over whether the state’s Executive Office of Transportation (EOT) should seek federal dollars to establish an express bus route along Blue Hill Avenue is now in its fifth month.

It was last May 4 that... Read more

Some final thoughts about the momentous events that surrounded the death of Senator Ted Kennedy.

• When the funeral cortege traveled to Boston from Cape Cod, it followed a route up Route 3 and the Southeast Expressway... Read more

Much is being said this week about the passing of Senator Ted Kennedy. First diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in May, 2008, our senior senator carried forth for more than 15 months, all the while spending his remaining days fighting with great... Read more

The summer doldrums are here, so please forgive that I was away in cooler climes these past two weeks, hence missed much of what passes for civic discourse.

The main topic this month, of course, is the raging debate over health care reform.... Read more

The community was startled three months ago when the Executive Office of Transportation and Public Works (EOTPW) revealed plans to use federal stimulus funds to build an express bus lane along Blue Hill Ave. The proposal seemed to come out of the blue... Read more

The local blogosphere has been discussing the boundaries of Roxbury, Dorchester, and Mattapan. One popular blogger, known as the Whalehead King, hosts a popular and positive site talking about the Dorchester and Mattapan communities, and last week he... Read more

Disparaging words used to describe the Dorchester and Mattapan neighborhoods on the website of the Campaign for Catholic Schools (CCS) are drawing outrage from some local residents.

As part of an online pitch seeking philanthropic support for... Read more

I had a rather pleasant experience last week in dealing with a government agency, and it’s something that bears the telling.
With a milestone birthday looming, it was time to contact the Social Security Administration to begin the process of... Read more

As this “season without a summer” continues into the month of July, with rain and clouds limiting the chance for outdoor activities, families all over town are frantically looking for things to do. This week, we learned that a Massachusetts family... Read more

When the Patrick administration rolled out a plan to “enhance” the Route 28 bus line along Blue Hill Ave two months ago, it came as a surprise to many civic, business, and political leaders in Mattapan. And the fact that it was not immediately... Read more

There was a rather remarkable event held in one of Dorchester’s public school buildings this week. An assembly of students, teachers, parents, and public officeholders gathered at the Patrick O’Hearn School on Dorchester Ave. to mark the retirement... Read more

Monsignor Tom McDonnell passed away on Sunday. Even though he had been dealing with lung cancer for several years, he did not allow his illness to define his life. Instead, he continued to practice the priestly vocation he believed God had given him,... Read more