Clark Booth on Sports

Have some stray sporting snippets to share with you, a mixed bag of asides, factoids, and old-fashioned wisecracks. Consider yourself as having been warned.

…And how much currency do you place in the recurring rumors that Red Sox owner John... Read more

The guessing here is that if the National Hockey League owners and players don’t resolve their hideous labor dispute by Thanksgiving the entire season will get tanked.

If that happens, professional hockey in North America will be irrevocably... Read more

The season ends with a mighty roar just a half stride before the gathering storm. November beckons. It is time – maybe overdue – to put the baseball season to rest. They were shivering in the seats as the Detroit Tigers vainly expired. Not that the San... Read more

Baseball managers are hired to be fired, as the saying goes. And in Boston it also guarantees you’ll be grilled, broiled, sliced, diced, and fried along the way. Presumably John Farrell, who is a college man as well as the 46th field-manager of your... Read more

If sports is your thing, Octobers can be special with all the acts flowering at once. But maybe not so much this year.

Pro football grinds heavily toward mid-term, but there’s as much talk of bounties and concussions as of whatever ails the... Read more

Here’s a handful of stray thoughts, wistful observations, and nasty asides looking for a place to land while we await the happy conclusion of someone else’s baseball season.

Beginning with asking if John Farrell is indeed their top choice, as is... Read more

Among the many reasons to be thankful that the wretched 2012 season of your Boston Red Sox has now passed into their checkered history is that we won’t have the 100th anniversary of their faded relic of a ballyard to kick around anymore.

Give... Read more

Time to harvest the usual conclusions, notions, laments and aspersions as the games of the long, long, regular baseball season dwindle down to a precious few.

For openers, I say bring Bobby Valentine back. Wacky managers unable to button their... Read more

A couple of hours before hockey Czar Gary Bettman dropped the hammer that shamelessly locked out his entire workforce, there were 20 characters dressed in Ranger jerseys parading in front of the National Hockey League’s Manhattan headquarters at 6th... Read more

Watch for the ‘Blame Game’ – everyone’s favorite – to soar into high dudgeon in the coming off-season. The natives are vengeful. The hot stove will be no place for the faint of heart. If it is bitterness, anger, bloodlust, and outright mayhem that you... Read more

They are playing baseball’s September Song but this year it’s a melody more jangled than sweet. Baseball’s epic upheaval is not confined to your own backyard, old Sport, although one recognizes that is probably not much consolation.+

... Read more

Whatever the merits and meaning of the Red Sox latest meltdown—as yet not fully determined—it is already clear that the merry contretemps featuring the alleged “mutiny” of certain roster malcontents who’ve become disenchanted with manager Bobby... Read more

With the non-waiver trade deadline now surpassed, the rosters reasonably set, the wheat and chaff separated, the also-rans properly in their place, and two thirds of the schedule having come and gone, it’s time for the baseball season to get serious.... Read more

The recent annual Hall of Fame enshrinement party up at bucolic Cooperstown featuring the shamefully belated recognition of Ron Santo got me thinking again of all the needless and sometimes painful inconsistencies in this fascinating but deeply flawed... Read more

Face it, whether you like it, or not. The far turn of baseball’s mid-season that signals the drive into the stretch comes with the July 31 inter-league non-waiver trading deadline, even though most teams do nothing while many that do something live to... Read more