Clark Booth on Sports

This year’s post-season baseball may prove the mere warm-up to the struggle for which the entire season will be regrettably most remembered.

That would be, of course, the desperate A-Rod’s scorched-earth campaign to protect his riches even at... Read more

The ever-swelling sports seasons all crunch together these days. But it’s not grasping and greed that bring on another hockey season so soon after the last one ended. For the first time in its near century run, NHL Hockey is a four-season show. And to... Read more

Skyrocketing – even approximately – from worst to first is not only the niftiest trick in team-sport but also the toughest. It rarely happens in hockey. Almost never happens in basketball, unless there’s a Jabbar at the top of the draft. And is... Read more

Touching all the bases while awaiting the beginning of the baseball playoffs after arguably the most besmirched and least dramatic regular season of the otherwise checkered Bud Selig era.

But give the lame-duck commissioner the credit... Read more

In the likely event you haven’t heard – or perhaps more likely don’t care – there has been another America’s Cup festival this summer and it’s about to climax way out in San Francisco Bay where the winds may be lusty but not the enthusiasm for a once-... Read more

With a sigh of relief reverberating from sea to shining sea, the National Football League is skipping into another merry season as if nothing has happened with a glorious autumn of good old traditional “sis, boom, bah” looming before us, one and all.... Read more

With their penchant for celebrating select nuggets from their rich history, the Red Sox may be girding to observe one of the choicest yet: the 110th anniversary of the first World Series ever played. That would be, of course, the 1903 epic waged amidst... Read more

Let's kick around some inside-baseball ruminations. That is, at least for those who are not fans of the licensed mayhem and glorified triage that passes for NFL exhibition football.

… Although it’s worth noting that, believe it or not, it’s only... Read more

In the realm of geopolitical mischief, the notion that if you give a determined aggressor an inch he’ll end up demanding a mile every bloody, dang time has been affirmed and re-affirmed by much unfortunate history. Like in the last messy century when... Read more

It was one of the wags on the set of the MLB Network who came up with the saltiest observation the night of the infamous A-Rod’s lamentable return to the Yankees after appealing his suspension:

“Alex will be playing third, batting fourth, and... Read more

Let’s clear the decks of idle thoughts, random musings, and irrelevant asides – not all of them mindless – while awaiting the implosion of our erstwhile National Pastime.
•And would you, too, agree that Shoeless Joe Jackson has a better... Read more

Back in the spring of 1962, while indentured to the US Army as a Private E-1 doing basic training at Fort Dix, New Jersey, I landed a weekend pass allowing me to ramble up to the Big City to catch the fights. It’s funny how sometimes encounters with... Read more

Even if it’s closer to 60 percent of the schedule that’s actually down the drain, the All-Star break is accepted as the interminable and relentless regular baseball season’s halfway point. It’s a time when all the illusions have been shed even if... Read more

Sitting here pondering the imponderable on Bastille Day – an appropriate occasion commemorating a moment when the world got turned upside down – you hassle with this vexing question: “When did sport become devoutly topsy-turvy and might the malaise be... Read more

A sterling factoid brilliantly illustrating the current state of baseball affairs is this little nugget culled from the madness rampant in the turbulent American League East: Over the last five seasons (2008-2012), during which the New York Yankees and... Read more