Clark Booth on Sports

 It was sometime in 1966 that Peter Fuller – another good man and great promoter of the manly arts – brought Joe Frazier to town. It was a couple of years before Joe made it big, so nobody knew much about him, and I recall being surprised when Peter... Read more

In the wake of all the fuss and folderol inspired by their epic 2011 pratfall, the 25th anniversary of the zaniest moment in their entire history floated by aimlessly and largely unnoticed. Such is life with these Red Sox. Monitoring their assorted... Read more

Friends have been asking, “Isn’t it about time to bury the baseball season?” One supposes so. Although to this moment there’s been no basketball, and only a little hockey worth discussing, while the NFL’s standard warfare doesn’t really growl into... Read more

Here are some bits and pieces, flotsam and jetsam—if you will—to share while waiting for the thermostat to rise through the roof on what promises to be a Vesuvian Hot Stove Season. As juicy baseball fare goes it should exceed the regular season, at... Read more

It’s not as if we have not been down this road before. Yogi Berra might say the present, on-going, and possibly endless Red Sox meltdown featuring scandal, treachery, and the bitterest of recriminations is a clear case of déjà vu all over again, the... Read more

Being hardly above the small-minded joys of schadenfreude, Red Sox Nation revels in the rapid dismissal of their arch foes from Tampa and New York. Turns out the cheeky winners only survived the pathetic loser by about a week. Raise high the roofbeams... Read more

At the end of March on the eve of the 2011 baseball season, 36 of the game’s certified “experts” submitted their predictions about how the season would go and who would emerge triumphant. Banal as the exercise may be, it’s a custom as ingrained as the... Read more

The television colossus ESPN also has a magazine and because it is aimed at the semi-literate under-class of the internet age it is assumed the vast majority of the Dorchester Reporter’s sophisticated readership is but dimly aware and couldn’t possibly... Read more

On the chance you haven’t noticed, fans, major sporting history is being made over these last blissful days of the summer of 2011. But like all history, there will be two versions when all is said and done.

There will be the one etched by those... Read more

Here are some observations and ramblings on several things while we await proof the late blossoming of real live pennant races actually has legs. The smart money remains contemptuous even as sheer panic begins to grip the ever easy to rattle Hub:... Read more

In addition to proclaiming the end of summer and the beginning of another school year while offering a sentimental nod to the working class, Labor Day sounds the gun-lap of the baseball season. This year—as never before—that traditionally electric... Read more

For those who have been ranting and raving about this subject for about four decades, this ought to amount to some sort of moment of redemption.

The lid is off. The truth is beyond dispute. No one with sense enough to come in out of the rain... Read more

There are those of us who will believe it when we see it, but the National Football League, inspired by a late-blooming enthusiasm for cleaning up its act, declares it will conduct “random game-day drug testing” including unprecedented pre-game... Read more

High among baseball’s considerable charms is a pre-occupation with individual records and personal attainments which are too often prized as much as the accomplishments of whole teams. This aggravates the game’s arch critics.

At the extreme of... Read more

Upon us are the dog days of August, so named by the Romans because the withering torpor for which the month is justly famed invariably drove the stray mutts that roamed Rome’s streets back then to a pathetic howling that apparently drove everyone nuts... Read more