Clark Booth on Sports

We have a smattering of notes, observations, wisecracks, and unanswerable questions to offer on “this” and “that” while awaiting the dénouement of the annual Stanley Cup odyssey...  
… Beginning with a nod to the ratings these playoffs... Read more

As the Bruins roar into the Stanley Cup Finals, looking more and more like a runaway freight train on razor-sharp blades, many should be pardoned for wondering if what’s left to be done is somehow anti-climactic.

In the end, a certain historical... Read more

This week, dear fans, we offer three things – not remotely connected – to wonder about, although in our town at this moment there’s only one sporting subject anyone yearns to chat about.    
1. And that’s your gallant Bruins.  If you’re... Read more

Summer is launched with the arrival of Memorial Day weekend. But of comparable import for those addicted to the happy season’s requisite passion, Baseball, the day also serves as the first marker in the long, grueling run to October. For those hitherto... Read more

People say, when reveling in the extraordinary excitement  of Stanley Cup hockey, “How come the games aren’t like this all season?”

The answer is simple. If the players did try to perform at such a furious pace from October to June they’d be... Read more

One – again –approaches this subject warily. When sports columnists wander from their cage in the toy department to grapple with issues like health, medicine, and injury, they are instantly out of their depth.

Yet it has reached the point – nay... Read more

Here we are but a fortnight into playoff season and our field is already cut in half. The Celtics are gone. Might the Bruins soon follow? For the Celts, the beginning was an ending and how deeply that term obtains will be their off-season’s total pre-... Read more

It is Stanley Cup time, ever among the sporting calendar’s joyful interludes, and you’re excused if you find the sensation a bit bizarre this year.

Normally at this point in the season we’d be bouncing off the holidays and looking forward to the... Read more

There has always been a bit of disconnect between the games we play and times of distress. Sports equate with “fun” and are classified as “entertainment.” So when bad things happen, ought the games to be stopped? Are they appropriate when their... Read more

Though he has been dead four decades now, there is again much ado about Jackie Robinson. Get used to it, for it has only just begun.

If throughout his rich after-life Robinson’s growth in stature has been spectacular, we may not have seen... Read more

Whatever good might have been done by the Bruins’ trade deadline moves – highly debatable, at best – was swiftly negated by an aimlessly errant elbow accidentally landed on the side of Patrice Bergeron’s head by the hulking Ottawa center Colin Greening... Read more

No event on the sporting calendar resounds with more pomp and bombast while having less ultimate meaning than Opening Day in Baseball.

Our resident tabloid, the Herald, expressed the point with wonderful sarcasm some years ago. When the Red Sox... Read more

They’re back! Strike up the band! A tattered Nation flickers its star-crossed gaze upon you, Jackie Bradley.

Baseball returns with less pretense and bombast hereabouts than usual, there being less urgency in striving to rise from the cellar.... Read more

America’s love affair with baseball is not absolute.  Consider, for example, that its college game gets barely a fraction of the attention so hugely lavished on football, basketball, even hockey (where it’s waged).

Yet in the end, despite that... Read more

Two months ago the puck-chasing world – or at least such of it still willing to be defined by the National Hockey League – was reeling from its desperately close encounter with total disaster while worrying if a 48-game schedule jammed into little more... Read more