Clark Booth on Sports

In the aftermath of another bloated and bombastic Super Bowl experience – historic or otherwise – here are some stray thoughts, observations, complaints, and questions and/or wisecracks dealing with the wonderful world of sport and looking for a place... Read more

Sometimes, as Abe Lincoln once nicely noted, it’s beyond one’s poor power to add or detract with mere words to the majesty of an event, even a moment. Further, I’d be loath to make the faintest comparison of grueling football combat even at the highest... Read more

No doubt you missed it a couple of weeks ago for it was only a stray line in an Orlando Sentinel feature story observing the 85th birthday of the estimable Don Shula, peerless mentor of football titans and still as firm and unyielding as your basic... Read more

We have reached the mid-point of the National Hockey League’s grueling and remorseless regular season, a bitter forced-march crisscrossing some of North America’s most thankless winter pit-stops while giving new meaning to the term “redundant.”

... Read more

Maybe ‘tis ever thus, but those from the realm of sport for whom the bell tolled in 2014 seemed a notably smart and estimable band, bearers and keepers of much history. Custom here obliges a parting salute.

We knew Jerry Coleman best as the... Read more

A pair of choice charter franchises bursting both with rich legendry and heavy baggage, the Cubs and Red Sox have meaningfully crossed paths only once. That would be in their 1918 World Series matchup that has been pounded into the consciousness of... Read more

There’s an old saying in sports that of the rarest and most outsized characters, all the lies told about them are true. It’s been so only of the mighty few; an Eddie Shore in hockey, Bronko Nagurski in football, and, most notably, the likes of Brothers... Read more

Here we go again! And, yes, I know. You’ve heard this song before.
A week hence, in the opening salvo of Baseball’s annual winter meetings in pristine San Diego (ever notice they never hold these things in Buffalo?), a select committee of 16... Read more

We have three items for you to chew on as you warm up for Thanksgiving. Here goes!
The Bruins: It’s not too soon to worry about your ice pets, it says here. Doubtless they’ve charmed you of late. But a time of some reckoning may be at... Read more

In what likely will be the last of the remarkable achievements of the inimitable Alex Rodriguez, this nugget can be added to his shining dossier as well as to Major League Baseball’s Doomsday Book of statistical minutiae.

Let’s call it “The All-... Read more

November is here. Football is in flower.  The hockey warriors rage in full throttle. Even the hoop scholars are back in session. But there is no more baseball. Nor will there be any until winter has come and gone and the voice of the turtle is heard... Read more

The seasons slam into one another like bumper cars run amuck. Here in our town they blend suddenly in a curious mélange of promise and doubt, rash assumption, and nagging fear.

It wasn’t so long ago that our resident media’s sporting savants... Read more

What we have on-going, it is widely agreed, is a potential gem of a World Series matching two scrappy and highly creative teams featuring the young, the dashing, and the unspoiled. The baseball cognoscenti have fallen in love with the Royals and Giants... Read more


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