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Boston Police arrested a suspect in a brazen early afternoon bank robbery in Dorchester Lower Mills today, and he was arrested with the help of a fleet-footed bank executive. A lone robber demanded cash from a teller at Meetinghouse Bank shortly before 2... Read more
As the city struggles to contain a dramatic spike in gun violence, 18 handguns bought through an illegal straw purchase in Georgia in 2009 are believed to have wound up on the streets of Boston. So far two of the 18 handguns have been recovered by Boston... Read more
A large fight among TechBoston Academy students that started on the basketball court in Roberts Playground near Armandine and Washington streets ended with at least two students stabbed and another under arrest. Police initially responded around 2:45 p.m... Read more
A federal judge last week sentenced NOB gang leader Michael "G Fredo" Brandao, 22, to nine years in prison for his guilty plea to RICO charges. Federal prosecutors had asked for 12 years, saying that even after Brandao was arrested as part of a gang sweep... Read more
Diustin Cruz, the owner of La Parrilla, 299 Hancock St. in Dorchester, didn't appear at a licensing hearing Tuesday on a triple shooting early on Oct. 30 in what police say was an illegal after-hours club, where customers could order an entire bottle of... Read more
A Dorchester man faces a federal murder-for-hire charge after he allegedly paid a hit man who was really an FBI agent the first $500 installment for killing his estranged wife, who had kicked him out of their home, and her boyfriend. Mohammed Chowdhury,... Read more
Jan. 1 is typically a busy day at the city’s only public waterfront amenity, as scores of “Brownies” brave what are normally frigid temps to take a New Year’s plunge into Dorchester Bay. But this year’s traditional swim won’t have the benefit of using the... Read more
Owen Thomas lives in Savin Hill with his wife Hilary and their two children, ages 4 and 1. Last Friday morning, as a wind-driven rainstorm hit the coast in the middle of high tide, Thomas carried his kayak— designed to navigate whitewater rivers— to... Read more
A man was repeatedly at Franklin Hill Avenue and Shandon Road in Dorchester around 11 p.m. on Friday, the Boston Police Department reports. Michael Collins, Jr., 18, of Dorchester, was taken to a local hospital, where he died, police say. On Nov. 9, a... Read more
Two men were arraigned this morning in connection to the shooting death of a 15-year-old boy on a Dorchester street last summer. Curtis Ashford was fatally injured when a gunman— allegedly Zontre Mack, 19, of Canton— pulled up in a car and opened fire on... Read more


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