Jim Judge, a native of Dorchester and the son of a Boston Police officer and a school librarian, has been named the new president and CEO of Eversource Energy, the utility company that serves 3.6 million customers throughout New England. He will... Read more

The Boston Licensing Board voted Thursday to let Levi's Restaurant, 323 Washington St., add cocktails and hard liquor to the beer and wine it was already allowed to serve.

The move means residents who want to unwind with something stronger than... Read more

No matter how hard we try, the Bowdoin/Geneva (B/G) neighborhood in Dorchester can’t seem to get ahead. Whether it’s the business district or the residential area, it seems that what is the norm elsewhere does not hold true here. For this article, I... Read more

In an emergency meeting convened to address the latest flare-up of violence in Bowdoin Geneva, the biggest thing attendees could agree on was that this was a long-time coming.

“We're here to have a conversation we should have had 20 years ago"... Read more

The news that a seven-year-old boy was hit by a bullet in the buttocks and knocked off his bike on Bowdoin Street on Sunday has ratcheted up greatly what has been a simmering tension in the Bowdoin Geneva neighborhood in the last few weeks over... Read more

The US Attorney's office in Boston reports the leaders of the Hendry Street and Woodward Avenue gangs pleaded guilty Friday to a variety of drug and gun charges that will see them hustled off to a federal penitentiary for at least ten years.

... Read more

The Boston Police Department reports officers used a "less lethal" shotgun Saturday night to capture a man inside an apartment at 383 Geneva Ave. who was armed with a knife and who had turned on all the gas on the stove.

"Officers... Read more


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