Dorchester Ave.

Rendering of proposed 1742 Dorchester Ave.
The Zoning Board of Appeal on Tuesday approved plans by the owner of the shuttered US Petroleum station at Dorchester Avenue and Semont Road in Dorchester to replace it with a four-story, 14-unit residential building with six parking spaces and ground-... Read more
Sunday’s Dorchester Day Parade maintained a festive air about it despite the rainy, windy, and chilly conditions that affected attendance on the march and on the sidelines. On Saturday, the wet conditions didn’t dampen the second Dorchfest music festival... Read more
As the first residents of the long-awaited Dot Block apartment complex begin to lug furniture and belongings into their new apartments, the developer, Samuels & Associates, believes they will find a living community that intertwines seamlessly within... Read more
Open Streets
A 2.1 mile stretch of Dorchester Avenue was “open to people” but not cars on Saturday morning as thousands turned out for the last in a series of Open Street Boston events organized by the city of Boston this year. The pedestrian zone— between Freeport... Read more
Dorchester Avenue will be on Saturday the location of the city’s third “Open Streets” day this year, with the weather forecasted to be 67 and sunny. Stretching for 2.1 miles, between Freeport Street and Gallivan Boulevard, the avenue is closing to... Read more
A person was shot and killed on Van Winkle Street in Dorchester on Wednesday afternoon. According to Boston Police, the male victim was hit by gunfire just after 5 p.m. near Dorchester Avenue and the dead-end side street near Ashmont station. "On arrival... Read more
Several businesses along Dorchester Avenue have been hit hard by a wave of graffiti targeting their properties in recent weeks, an uptick that is prompting at least one company to re-consider its plans to open for business. The rash of “tagging” has been... Read more
City Councillor Frank Baker lent a hand to members of the Dorchester Park Association and representatives of the Armenia Tree Project in a tree-planting ceremony Tuesday morning in Dorchester Park. The event commemorated the 25th anniversary of the... Read more
Last month, the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) invited public comment for the most recent design of the Dot Block proposal, which could begin construction as soon as this year. City Councillor Frank Baker is one of the key members of the... Read more
An ownership change will soon result in a branding change at the Rite Aid store at 1100 Dorchester Ave. The store and pharmacy at the corner of Savin Hill Avenue will be switching to a Walgreens as part of a sale of select Rite Aid stores to the rival... Read more


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