Do we have a debate?

Mayoral candidate Kevin McCrea posts an apparent invitation from WBZ's Jon Keller for an hour-long Aug. 26 debate.

Here's the format. And for those keeping track at home, this is how you do an actual debate. Anything else is a "forum," where you read off your campaign platform:

WBZ political analyst Jon Keller will be the lone debate moderator, using the same successful format we have employed in past debates. There will be no opening or closing statements. Keller will briefly introduce the candidates, who will be standing at podiums in alphabetical order from left to right, and then begin his questions on issues of concern to city residents. Each candidate will have one minute to respond to the same question, with the order of response rotating with each successive question. (The end of the candidate’s response time will be indicated by first a hand signal, then a verbal prompt from the moderator.) Once all candidates have had their minute, there will be a period of open rebuttal in which candidates can directly address and question one another, clarify or expand on earlier points, and otherwise engage in free-wheeling debate. The moderator will enforce a prohibition on talking over one another, excessive interruption, filibustering, and any egregious departure from issue-oriented discourse. At the moderator’s discretion, the open rebuttal period will be concluded and the debate will move on to the next question. This cycle will repeat throughout the debate. In the event that there is time remaining at the end but not enough for a complete cycle of question and answers, the moderator will allow a final segment of open comment.