Mayoral race

The Herald has video. "Thank you Riverside Theatre - not," Flaherty quips before he and Yoon start to croon to the tune of "Ebony and Ivory." "Flaherty, Deputy, from Fields Corner and Southie." Check it out.
Mayor Thomas Menino's poem, as delivered to the crowd at "Spotlight on the Candidates" at the Riverside Theatre: My name is Tom and I am from Hyde Park I love fighting for the people, working past dark Tonight I am here to present my case That I am the... Read more
Mayor Thomas Menino read a poem. City Councillor At-Large Stephen Murphy and District 5 Councillor Rob Consalvo provided a rendition of "Putting on the Ritz." And District 6 Councillor John Tobin, in a Hugh Hefner get-up, dealt some one-liners. At the... Read more
A brief round-up of links you might have missed. Feel free to send suggestions to gin.dumcius (at) or mwdeehan (at) 1. Channel 5's Janet Wu reports: Mayoral candidate's father owns once-abandoned land. 2. New England Cable News has... Read more
The following is a list of where the mayoral candidates will be on (Preliminary) Election Night. Three candidates will be in Dorchester, including one at a Mason lodge, and another will be at a bar around the corner from his house. Mayor Thomas Menino and... Read more
Mayoral campaign aides won't have to stay up late tonight, waiting to see who the Globe endorses to face off against Mayor Thomas Menino in their Sunday pages: It's Michael Flaherty. For City Council At-Large, they endorsed on Saturday the following:... Read more
Mayor Thomas Menino won't be attending the MassVOTE forum in Jamaica Plain scheduled for tonight, citing a packed schedule. On his public schedule, he has the 5:30 pm opening ceremony at the Vietnam Memorial "Moving Wall" tour that features a half-size... Read more
Other mayoral candidates, take note: Your fellow contender Kevin McCrea is hitting the bars at 9 p.m. over the next nine nights to talk to residents about his campaign. "Each evening after the regular Mayoral forums, house parties, and community forums... Read more
Down and to the right are two surveys we're keeping open for a couple of days: One asking who has your vote for mayor (out of four candidates) and another asking who has your vote for City Council At-Large (15 candidates). For the mayoral race, we ask... Read more
Starting Tuesday, mayoral candidate Sam Yoon's campaign is running five 15-second spots on New England Cable News. The spots can be found here ("BRA"), here ("Transportation"), here ("Too Much Power,"), here ("Hope"), and here ("What you know"). As noted... Read more


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