Menino's 'Spotlight on the Candidates' poem

Mayor Thomas Menino's poem, as delivered to the crowd at "Spotlight on the Candidates" at the Riverside Theatre:

My name is Tom and I am from Hyde Park
I love fighting for the people, working past dark

Tonight I am here to present my case
That I am the guy to win the race

Don't worry, my speaking skills I'll hold in check
I know you don't want me to stack the deck

My opponent's recruited a running mate
But this will not improve his fate

Two against one, that doesn't seem fair
But I am more than willing to take on this pair

These guys may think that they're a giant slayer
But we all know I'm a better mayor

I am not here to do any bashin'
Cause being mayor is all about action

Together we have built a great city
Our people are diverse, and our neighborhoods pretty

But I am focused on the future, for we can do more
We will strengthen our city right to her core

From green jobs to better schools, we'll have folks saying "wow"
Let me just say there's no stopping us now.

Our future is bright and our ideas are bold
We'll fix your problems without being told.

So I ask for your vote in this important election
I know you will make the right selection

I love our city and serving you
And I offer my thanks for all that you do

On Nov. 3rd please stand with me
So, together we can make history