Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died last Friday at age 88, lies in state this week in Washington, D.C. Her death may turn out to be a seminal moment in the nation’s history and not just because of the loss of a renowned jurist and transformational... Read more

Less than a week has passed since we dispensed of the state primary election and we are already looking ahead to… September 2021?

The Boston Globe this week reported that City Councillor Michelle Wu called Mayor Martin Walsh on Sunday... Read more

We have not wasted much ink in this space detailing the day-to-day outrages, depravities, and lies of the Trump administration over the last 44 months. Such an exercise would leave precious little room for the steady diet of local coverage to which... Read more

William Barr, the Attorney General of the United States under Donald Trump, visited Boston for a few hours last Thursday, purportedly to meet face-to-face with our police commissioner, William Gross, in his office. The meeting included a photo... Read more

We are still in the middle of an unfolding public health emergency the likes of which very few alive have ever witnessed. And, we’re simultaneously experiencing an epochal civil rights reckoning while also attempting to navigate through what could be a... Read more

p6 Dot Brewing Co REP 24-20.png

Above, the windows of Dorchester Brewing Company on Mass Ave. this week. Daniel... Read more

For weeks, we’ve wondered what would become of 2020 Dorchester Day celebrations in the context of this coronavirus madness. If the timing had worked out better, it could have been an opportunity for a massive celebration, a release of pent-up energy,... Read more

Just about every person in the Commonwealth has accepted the grim reality: This public health emergency is a real and present danger to all of us— and the unprecedented restrictions to daily life are a necessary tool to combat COVID-19.

A... Read more

Former vice president Joe Biden was the big winner of last week’s Super Tuesday primary in Massachusetts and across the country. Here in Boston, he basically split the vote with Bernie Sanders, with both men getting about 30 percent of the vote.... Read more

About 13,000 Bostonians decided to cast their votes early at City Hall or at one of several satellite polling centers last week, according to figures shared with the Reporter by the city’s Election Department.  There’s probably a good chunk of those 13... Read more

Last week’s top headline in the Reporter was State Rep. Dan Cullinane’s decision to not seek re-election to the 12th Suffolk seat in the House of Representatives this fall. Cullinane, 34, has served in the seat effectively and honorably since 2013.... Read more

In the wake of the first two presidential election events— in Iowa and New Hampshire— the clamor has begun to re-shuffle the primary election deck in the years to come. Both states, critics argue, are bereft of the kind of diversity that one might... Read more

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Marcelo Suarez-Orozco spoke to a... Read more

It has taken a full-court-press from our political delegation – and sustained pressure over many years from transit advocates – but this week finally brought concrete movement in the right direction for the Fairmount Line.

On Monday, the Fiscal... Read more