In a 6-3 decision on Monday, the US Supreme Court ruled that certain “official acts” by a president are shielded by “absolute immunity” from criminal prosecution. The majority opinion deals a victory to former president Donald Trump and his legal team... Read more

June is Pride Month and rainbow flags can be seen all over the neighborhood and across the city. But they are particularly visible this year in Ashmont Hill, where neighbors have stepped up their visible support in response to what many suspect was a... Read more

It’s a real challenge to keep track of all the moving pieces involving the slow-motion train wreck otherwise known as Steward Health Care that now looms as an existential threat to Dorchester’s Carney Hospital. As we enter what is normally a quiet... Read more

On Monday, Mayor Wu sent her latest FY25 budget back to the City Council, which had cut roughly $15 million from her $4.6 billion plan the week before in a 10-3 vote. The mayor politely, but prudently, rejects almost all of the council’s cuts,... Read more

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A state law that banned the curbside disposal of used mattresses and box-springs kicked in back in November 2022. It’s well-... Read more


Why do we still do Dot Day?

For some, that’s like asking why we put up Christmas lights in December or serve turkey and stuffing on the... Read more

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Memorial Day observances in 2018 at the Stone monument in Cedar Grove... Read more

It finally happened: Steward hit the iceberg that many of us here in Dorchester have seen looming ahead and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Long before Steward’s existential crisis became fodder for headlines and deep-dive stories in regional... Read more

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Karen and Rob Hale

It’s sometimes lost in the shuffle of more... Read more

It was just 16 years ago when a brash young Cuban American surgeon came into our neighborhood with a promise to save our neighborhood hospital.

Carney Hospital, along with seven other hospitals owned by the Boston Archdiocese under the banner... Read more

Did you feel that?

Last week’s 4.8-magnitude earthquake that rattled walls and nerves throughout the Northeast was a reminder that — for all of our other climate-related and man-made headaches— it could be far worse.

And while there’s a... Read more

Sarah-Ann Shaw, who died last week at age 91, blazed a trail for Black women who work in television journalism. But her pioneering legacy goes far beyond that medium and includes all manner of civic and political engagement in her hometown, Boston.... Read more

Our friends and neighbors in South Boston have grown accustomed to disruptions and some measure of bad behavior from the hundreds of thousands of people who descend on “the town” each year for the St. Patrick’s Day-themed parade through their streets... Read more

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Ireland’s Prime Minister Leo Varadkar addressed an audience at the JFK... Read more

The huge median strip in Blue Hill Avenue looking south towards Mattapan Square. Seth Daniel photo

The Wu administration... Read more