Community Comment

By Joseph G. Ramsey

Reading through the Boston Globe’s recent story on last year’s 100 highest-paid Massachusetts state employees, my first response, like many readers, tended toward outrage. UMass President Marty Meehan brought in a whopping $... Read more

By Perry B. Newman

For many, the words “strategic plan” call to mind a process involving a great deal of time doing a great deal of thinking producing a great deal of paper that doesn’t result in a great deal of action or change.

But for... Read more

By Roy Lincoln Karp
Special to the Reporter

In 2009, the Boston Globe ran a piece about recent law school graduates who had taken low-paying public sector jobs while waiting for the economy to improve. The story and its headline depicted... Read more

By Tom Mulvoy
Associate Editor

Not five minutes into their Monday morning discussion of the Super Bowl on Boston radio station 98.5 FM, The Sports Hub, men named, or nicknamed, Jones, Hardy, and Johnson were busily working the downside of... Read more

By Mayor Martin J. Walsh

Earlier this month, I gave my State of the City address at Symphony Hall. It’s one of my favorite events because it’s a chance to speak directly to the people of Boston about the progress we’ve made, the challenges that... Read more

By James W. Dolan
Special to the Reporter

Good public policy is all about establishing a sensible balance between often opposing views. In the attempt to achieve that balance, we too often go from one extreme to another. Criminal justice... Read more

By James W. Dolan
Special to the Reporter

An older couple was walking along Tigertail Beach on Marco Island recently when they saw a woman in a bathing suit holding a small cloth bag and looking forlorn as she stood at the edge of the... Read more

1200px-Seal_of_Massachusetts.svg.pngBy Jessicah Pierre
Special to the Reporter

In October 2017, Massachusetts, in a move... Read more

By Erin McAleer

During what is now the longest government shutdown in US history, funding for federal nutrition programs is drying up. The health and well-being of 42 million individuals who rely on Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (... Read more

By Rev. Jack Ahern

The following homily was given at Mass in St. Gregory’s Church on Sun., Dec. 30:

A few weeks ago, we said goodbye to actress and comedienne Penny Marshall. Most of us remember her from her role in the television comedy... Read more

By Roy Lincoln Karp
Special to the Reporter

Leah Koretz loves helping children, especially those with medical or developmental issues. As a clinical supervisor at Boston Children’s Hospital Early Intervention Program in Jamaica Plain,... Read more

By Douglas MacKinnon
Special to the Reporter

And now we come to the close of the Twelve Days of Christmas almost no one cares about today, the period leading up to “The Epiphany,” which begins on Dec. 26 and culminates on Jan. 6.  It is a... Read more

By Mayor Martin J. Walsh

The city of Boston’s new plastic bag ordinance is a big step forward in our work to cut carbon emissions, reduce pollution, and create a cleaner, greener city. Now that the new ordinance is in effect, ... Read more

By Samuel R. Tyler

The Boston Municipal Research Bureau supports the appointed board structure because it can ensure that the mayor remains fully accountable for public education and that the School Committee is diverse with members who have the... Read more

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 12.56.15 PM.png
City Councillor Francis "Mickey" Roache was presented with an award from his... Read more