Clark Booth on Sports

If the baseball season were a horse race, Memorial Day would be the far turn way off there by the edge of the woods with all the combatants clustered and barely discernible even through binoculars, shrouded in mist. In other words, it’s early.

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Here’s some sporting finger food to chomp on while awaiting Tom Brady’s march to the federal courts for an ‘Armageddon’ on ‘Deflategate’. Yeah, sure; that’ll be the day!

But if Quarterback Brady would be nuts to go that route— once his... Read more

In the end, the wonder of it all was that it only took the National Football League about four months to figure out the extraordinary pickle dubbed ‘Deflategate’ and assess, with obvious pain and equivocation, the requisite punishments. But then... Read more

This being the Age of Wretched Excess, wherein hyperbole and mindless ostentation are givens as openers, you knew there was no way there was ever going to be anything remarkable about the big boxing fandango in the desert. From the start it had “con-... Read more

When Grandmasters Lerner and Loewe glorified the joys of May in soaring song, they were paying tribute to springtime in Camelot. But they may well have had North American sport in mind as well.

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Random thoughts, stray observations, and gratuitous wisecracks on a glut of sporting questions while awaiting the next skate to fall on the Bruins and the clock to strike twelve for the Celtics.

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What a time it was!

How dandy to have Boston again the epicenter of the grand old game of ice hockey this happy spring of 2015.

A remarkable season played out with memorable dash and verve led inexorably to a wild and wacky clash for the... Read more

The crocuses are again pushing their way marvelously up through the snow fields still blanketing much of the Republic, including its ball fields. The voice of the turtle – in its contemporary rap – is heard again all over our land bellowing “Play Ball... Read more

Frittering away the early spring while waiting for baseball season to start and hockey season to end while having no patience with March Madness’s inherent corruption, one’s search for something snappy to write about leads to the subject of sports... Read more

The sporting seasons collide. No longer governed by the whims of any old equinox, they rattle around mindlessly. Where does one begin and another end? Actually, old Sport, they don’t do either. They merely revolve. It’s what perpetual motion looks like... Read more

We have a fistful of footnotes on the passing sporting parade to offer while wondering if ex-governor and designated special envoy Deval Patrick’s $7,500 a day Boston 2024 commission comes with an unlimited expense account.

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Upon learning the other day that the beloved Senor Saturnino Orestes Armas Minoso Arrieta – better known merely as “Minnie” – had passed beyond this mortal coil to his just reward at the tender age of probably at least 92, my reaction was perfectly... Read more

If February is any sort of yardstick it’s going to be a hellacious year in baseball in terms of hot and ripe “stuff” going on and on. I’m talking about questions and issues, conflict and controversy; in other words, the delicious “stuff.”

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From earliest times, in my book, the game of hockey has always brought charm to winter. Some of the best winter days of all-time memory featured frigid pick-up games on weekend afternoons on the frozen playgrounds, creeks, bogs, even reservoirs of our... Read more

The happiest and looniest interlude on the entire sporting calendar has reared again, a far more certain harbinger of palmy days looming just around the corner than any frolicking bevy of bloody sparrows. With apologies to the poet: God’s in his... Read more


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