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The Dot Block development in Glover’s Corner is aiming for an early summer construction start date after a new investor bought into the mixed-used project, providing the financial infusion needed to break ground.

Though developer... Read more

Over five generations, the Russell family built landing crafts to storm the beaches in World War II and hydrogen tanks for the space program. Richard Russell even engineered and supervised the construction of the foundation of one of Boston’s most... Read more

A debate about labor contracts has become an issue as the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) continues its review of the DOT Block development project. The proponents of the large-scale, mixed-use redevelopment plan say they intend to move forward... Read more

It was a troubling discovery. Last October, during a routine call to open a vacant warehouse on Hancock Street in Dorchester for a client viewing, a representative for the property owner stumbled into what from all appearances was a newly constructed,... Read more

The Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) will undertake a planning initiative aimed at the stretch of Freeport Street, including Glover’s Corner, the busy crossroads of Dot Ave., Hancock, and Freeport streets.

(Editor's Note: The final... Read more

Two longtime Dorchester tire businesses have formed an alliance this summer.

Dorchester Tire Service and Ashmont Tire are now being managed by a single entity, according to Gary Saks of Dorchester Tire Service, based at 1160 Dorchester Ave. The... Read more

DOT Block, the proposed development at the fulcrum of Dorchester Avenue and Hancock Street, has expanded its footprint to include another “significant” parcel along Dorchester Avenue–now truly occupying the entire block of Dorchester Avenue from... Read more


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