Lower Mills

You may have to go back to the 19th century to find a time of more growth and bricks-and-mortar change in the historic village of Lower Mills. With a flurry of re-development projects already underway - and more potential sales on the near horizon - Lower... Read more
The Baker Dam in Lower Mills. Photo by Chris Lovett. When the Neponset River pours over the dam at Lower Mills, the stately gloss of a pond, sometimes smooth as a mirror, narrows to a raging torrent. One story below, thick braids of white water unravel... Read more
A 15 year-old Mattapan teen was arrested Tuesday and charged with manslaughter in the June murder of a 41 year-old man that stunned the Lower Mills neighborhood. The teen, whose identity was not divulged because of his age, was 14 at the time of the... Read more
The death earlier this month of a lifelong Lower Mills resident has incensed neighbors there who see a clear connection between the incident and what they say is an increase in intimidating juvenile delinquency. Michael Hansbury, 41, left his home on... Read more
Water, water, everywhere, but no way to swim upstream. That, says a forthcoming study by the environmental engineering firm Milone & Macbroom, is the problem facing American Shad who have returned to the Neponset River in encouraging numbers in recent... Read more


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