On Thursday, the aroma of roast turkey and all the trimmings will drift from Dorchester’s kitchens, families gathering around dining room tables piled with all the fixings of the holiday. Three hundred and eighty-seven years ago, however, Dorchester’s... Read more
On September 16, 1848, a tall, angular Congressman with dense, slightly unkempt dark hair strode behind the podium of Richmond Hall, in Dorchester. He had come to campaign for the Whig Party’s presidential candidate, General Zachary Taylor, hero of the... Read more
The plaque-less stone monument in Savin Hill’s McConnell Park. Ed Forry photo Savin Hill resident Heidi Moesinger has probably walked by the mysterious stone in McConnell Park hundreds of times, never knowing why it was there. The stone, which sits... Read more
Richard A. Katula, whose book The Eloquence of Edward Everett, America's Greatest Orator will be published this spring, is participating in a program at the Dorchester Historical Society on February 22, at 2 pm. The following is adapted from his book.... Read more
The Gleason Pewter and Silver Plating Company on Washington Street: Photo courtesy Dorchester Historical Society. During the month of February the Special Collections Department of the Healey Library at UMass Boston hosts an exhibition of examples of... Read more
Historic banner: Olive Knight, Pastor Victor Price and Ayana Price display a campaign banner from the 1864 presidential election that was discovered among the artifacts in a vault at the Second Church of Dorchester in Codman Square. The banner will be... Read more
Inauguration Day, 1961: In front of the Capitol.With less than a week left before Barack Obama makes his inaugural address, he might heed instructions President John F. Kennedy gave to his speechwriter: "add style & eloquence," "shorten sentences... Read more
Every year around this time, the town of Salem, MA observes a rather macabre part of their local history as they mark the executions of 14 women and five men, all accused witches, that occurred there over several days in 1692. But decades before Salem... Read more
A popular teen program that shepherds tourists down the side streets and lost histories of the South End is being courted for a possible expansion into Fields Corner. Historic Boston Inc. helped bring a stable of Fields Corner figures together for a... Read more
Settled by passengers from the Mary and John about June 1, 1630, Dorchester originally was one of the largest towns in the Massachusetts Bay Colony and included South Boston, Hyde Park, Milton, Wrentham, Stoughton, Dedham, Sharon, Foxboro, and Canton. The... Read more


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