Frank Baker

The City Council on Wednesday approved a resolution to "acknowledge, condemn and apologize for the role played by the city of Boston in the trans-Atlantic slave trade and the ongoing detrimental impacts experienced by the Black people of Boston." The... Read more
The City Council on Wednesday overwhelmingly rejected a proposal by councilors Frank Baker and Bill Linehan to add a 2% tax on liquor sales to fund addiction treatment programs. Council President Michelle Wu joined Baker and Linehan in voting for the tax... Read more
City Councilor Frank Baker has nothing against the proposed Wahlburgers proposed for the new South Bay Town Center, but he formally opposed its request for a new liquor license this week because granting it one would be unfair to other restaurants that... Read more
Donnie Palmer, the professional heavyweight boxer who survived a shooting last year, pulled papers today to run for Boston City Council in District 3. That seat is occupied by Frank Baker, who will seek re-election this year. Palmer lives on Richfield... Read more
Councillor Frank Baker’s idea to study turning branches of the city’s public libraries into mixed-use spaces was well-received at Wednesday’s meeting of the Boston City Council. The proposal would study integrating the branch libraries throughout the... Read more
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