Dorchester Day

Trouble in paradise?: Mayor Hurley with her deputy, Pat O'Brien, in happier times. The two now appear to be on a collision course to a 2013 mayoral showdown.To the Editor: (The following letter was delivered to the Reporter this week. It was titled, “A... Read more
The 2009 Dorchester Day parade was one to remember. Perfect weather, inspired floats and a great turnout along Dorchester Avenue made this a day many in the community won't soon forget. The Reporter was there with video camera in hand to capture some the... Read more
Present day Dorchester lays claim to being the biggest part of Boston, in terms of land mass and population. But, big as it is today, Dorchester was once much, much larger. At its height, the town of Dorchester nearly reached the Rhode Island border. It... Read more
The USS Porter (DDG-78), a US Navy destroyer, is shown decked out in celebratory colors at the Black Falcon Terminal in South Boston on Monday, June 2. Photo by Bill Forry It's 6 a.m. on a Friday morning and the opening chords of The Standells' Boston... Read more
It's easy forget how tied this place once was to the sea. Since the 1950s - and the construction of the Southeast Expressway - large chunks of our neighborhood have been virtually walled off from the water. But the names of our seaside villages and... Read more
The new mayor of Dorchester, Ryan Woods, says he's always on the go and ready to lend a helping hand to his hometown. While the 24 year-old Dorchester native says he enjoys an occasional movie or a game of golf, what pleases him most is community service... Read more
Advanced Units Boston Fire Department Equipment Boston Emergency Medical Services Suffolk County Sheriff's Department Eascare Ambulance George Gilpin McCall Transportation Steve McCall Boston Boarding Mark O'Neil Mayor Thomas M. Menino and family... Read more
Who says that a dance at the schoolhouse gym can't help pay the bills. Ryan Woods, whose campaign collected more than $17,000 in one night at his May 10 dance-fundraiser at the Blessed Mother Teresa school on Savin Hill Avenue, was declared the winner of... Read more
Mayor of Dorchester contenders are wrapping up their campaigns in the final week of the contest that helps bring the Dorchester Day Parade down the avenue. The candidate to raise the most money for the cause wins. All three candidates are to hand in their... Read more
The Mayor of Dorchester campaign is in full fundraising swing with a number of events taking place across Dorchester in the last remaining weeks of the race. The three contenders vying for the title have a healthy dose of competition, but it's all for a... Read more


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