Royal overkill: ‘Deputy mayor’ breaks with boss over re-election

Trouble in paradise?: Mayor Hurley with her deputy, Pat O'Brien, in happier times. The two now appear to be on a collision course to a 2013 mayoral showdown.Trouble in paradise?: Mayor Hurley with her deputy, Pat O'Brien, in happier times. The two now appear to be on a collision course to a 2013 mayoral showdown.To the Editor:

(The following letter was delivered to the Reporter this week. It was titled, “A message from The Lord Deputy Mayor, and Arch Duke, of Dorchester to his people.”)

Let me begin by thanking all of you who joined in our celebration of Dorchester Day a few weeks ago. It was an incredible experience to see so many people line Dorchester Ave and cheer me on as I walked in the parade. Dorchester Day 2012 was an unforgettable experience because of all of you. I also want to thank my family, friends, and supporters for being a major part of my journey to the Parade, although you were not physically walking with me, you were there in spirit.

I want to also say that I look forward to spending the next year alongside our Mayor [Katie Hurley] in fundraising for the parade and applaud her unprecedented efforts in doing so. Her dedication and unwavering commitment to our community is amazing.

That being said, come 2013, I look forward to seeing her support my efforts in being crowned Mayor.
I know what you are thinking: Can the kingmaker really become king? The obvious answer is, of course.

I saw, in last week’s Reporter, “Her Highness”announced her candidacy for re-election. Kinda jumped the gun a little, didn’t ya girl? But seriously, it didn’t cross your mind to consult your Deputy? How about your Communications Director, Joint Chiefs of Flamingos, or Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategic Communications? They all would have advised you to step aside and allow some fresh blood to take over. It is okay, though, we know you will see the light after reading this message.

I have directed my office to ensure victory in 2013 at all costs. I have also put them on permanent stand-by should Mayor Hurley, for whatever reason, be unable to fulfill her duties.

My campaign is going to be a positive one. I understand, however, that some of those who don’t support a brighter future for Dorchester have been spreading malicious rumors. These include that I am running a shadow government, I am trying to turn the position of Mayor into King of Dorchester, or that I am on the short list for a couple presidential candidates to be their Vice Presidential Nominee.

These, as well as the rumor that I was voted “Dorchester Day’s Best Dressed”, are unsubstantiated and unworthy of a comment from my office. In closing, I would just like to say, flock to me. Be a part of the Pat O’Brien Generation.

2013! 2013! 2013! 2013!

- Patrick A. O’Brien
“Lord Deputy Mayor of Dorchester”