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Donnie Palmer, the professional heavyweight boxer who survived a shooting last year, pulled papers today to run for Boston City Council in District 3. That seat is occupied by Frank Baker, who will seek re-election this year. Palmer lives on Richfield... Read more
City Councillor Tito Jackson has not ruled out a potential override effort from the City Council after Mayor Martin Walsh nixed Jackson’s proposed Commission on Black and Latino Men and Boys on Monday. “Any veto override is something that the council has... Read more
Mayor Martin Walsh will veto the City Council’s $107,500 pay raise approved by the council earlier this month, the Reporter has learned. A source close to the mayor says he filed a response back to the council saying “we need to take a fresh look at this... Read more
Councillor Frank Baker’s idea to study turning branches of the city’s public libraries into mixed-use spaces was well-received at Wednesday’s meeting of the Boston City Council. The proposal would study integrating the branch libraries throughout the... Read more
City Councillor Charles Yancey could face a challenger from Roslindale this year if he runs for reelection in District 4. Steven Godfrey, the 43-year-old executive director of the Community Minority Cultural Center in Lynn, opened a campaign fundraising... Read more
City Council Passes New Redistricting Plan from Chris Lovett on Vimeo. After 18 months marred by frequent infighting, city councillors today passed a compromise map that re-carves the political boundaries of council districts in the city. The vote to... Read more
District 7 Councillor Tito Jackson this week suggested moving most of Mattapan into Rob Consalvo’s District 5 while pushing the boundaries of Councillor Charles Yancey’s District 4 west into Roslindale. Councillors were expected to debate again at their... Read more
Councillor Charles YanceyA pair of state senators have lit into City Councillor Charles Yancey’s resolution calling for a slowdown in Beacon Hill deliberations on the proposed three strikes and habitual offender bills. Sen. Steven Baddour, a Methuen... Read more
Dorotea Manuela explains why she wants a high school in Mattapan. City Councilor Charles Yancey has a new tactic in his long-running battle to get a high school built in Mattapan: Blasting the city's plan - which he voted for - to spend $115 million... Read more
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