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By the time this article is published, the runoff elections in Georgia to determine the control of the US Senate will likely have been decided. Regardless of the outcome, there is an important story to be told: How is it that southwest Georgia counties... Read more
Whatever became of the common good? Is it just that there are too many special interests and not enough shared responsibilities? Are efforts to achieve a balance being overwhelmed by entitlement, greed, and overriding self-interest? Balance is a goal... Read more
Against the backdrop of a still-rampaging, mutating virus and the menace of an 11th-hour insurrection mounted by Trumpist collaborators in Congress, many of us lurched into the new year with great anxiety and even a deepening sense of dread. But let’s... Read more
When the trailblazing physician Dr. Jack Geiger died at his Brooklyn home last Monday at the age of 95, his passing prompted strong reactions in the Boston medical community, where he helped pioneer the neighborhood health center movement decades ago.... Read more
A federal judge on Tuesday ordered John Lynch, who admitted taking bribes to help a developer get a zoning approval he needed, freed from the federal prison in Devens so that he can spend the rest of his sentence under home confinement in Dorchester,... Read more
Mayor Walsh has signed an ordinance establishing a City Hall office that will give teeth and subpoena powers to a new civilian review panel charged with investigating police misconduct. The Office of Police Accountability and Transparency (OPAT) is the... Read more
Mayor Walsh on Tuesday extended the pause on “Phase 2 step 2” reopening restrictions until at least Jan. 27, warning Bostonians that the city has now moved into “one of the most serious points in the pandemic so far.” He warned that “if the numbers don’t... Read more
The Boston Fire Department reports that at approximately 9:15 a.m on Jan. 5 a heavy fire broke out on the 2nd floor of an occupied three-decker at 26 Crescent Ave. in Dorchester. BFD confirmed that a second alarm was ordered. Major overhauling being... Read more
Massachusetts first responders will begin receiving COVID-19 vaccinations next week, while some of the state's oldest residents will move up in line to access the crucial immunization, state officials announced Monday. Marking another milestone in the... Read more
Firefighters, smoke at 693 Dudley St.
The Boston Fire Department reports firefighters responded to 693 Dudley St. around 12:20 a.m. on Jan. 1 for what turned into a two-alarm fire. The department reports six adults, three children and two cats were displaced, but that none were injured.... Read more
Auld lang syne, the Robert Burns poem that is sung at the end of the year, tends to be sung in a maudlin way, often with sadness and some liquor. Though our experience with the virus and the recent election may make us prefer to forget that 2020 ever... Read more
To the Editor: Thanks for your [Dec. 17] editorial about Bruce Seals, who taught sportsmanship and athletics to generations of Dorchester kids. My children, Sophia and Aleksandr, were lucky to have his support when they played basketball and floor hockey... Read more
The Lenny Zakim Fund has been seeking out and supporting local organizations that are dedicated to achieving social and racial justice since 1995. Zakim, the longtime out-front head of the Anti-Defamation League locally in the last quarter of the 20th... Read more
Many people welcomed a new animal family member in their homes during 2020, and this will be their first holiday season together. While the holiday season can bring joy to the humans in your household, it can also be a sensory overload for pets. Bright... Read more
Back in June, when the City of Boston was wrestling with its fiscal 2021 budget under the financial strain of the coronavirus pandemic, Mayor Walsh declared that municipal layoffs were off the table. Now, six months later, Walsh has apparently stayed true... Read more
The Boston union representing stagehands, IATSE Local 11, launched a GoFundMe campaign over the weekend to support its members, with the goal of collecting $100,000 in contributions. As of 5 p.m. Monday, 45 donors had contributed a total of $10,450. The... Read more
“We’re gonna start spraying.” That’s an officer’s quote pulled from Boston police body cam footage from May 31 — when a massive, peaceful demonstration in response to the police killing of George Floyd devolved into chaos in the city. After the official... Read more
High school juniors in Suffolk County are invited to apply for a new paid internship program in the office of District Attorney Rachael Rollins that also serves as a memorial to the slain prosecutor Paul R. McLaughlin. A scholarship in his name has been... Read more
The Boston Planning and Development Agency has approved a series of building permits for the $200-million DotBlock development in Glover’s Corner. Given that development on Dec. 16, construction at the nearly four-acre site between Dot Ave and Hancock... Read more
Greater Ashmont Main Street has announced the appointment of its fourth executive director, Jeanne Dasaro. Dasaro has 15 years experience as a social entrepreneur, artist, and community builder. Since 2010, Dasaro has served as the founder of the Wonder... Read more


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