Zoo leader wants more review on White Stadium plans

Zoo New England President/CEO John Linehan Franklin Park Zoo photo

The man in charge of Franklin Park Zoo is sounding the alarm on the White Stadium review process and calling on the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) to delay any approvals.

“We are not suggesting the renovations to White Stadium shouldn’t happen,” said Zoo New England President/CEO John Linehan in a six-page letter dated Jan. 31 and sent to the BPDA. “However, the Project could produce significant negative impacts on the area. These potential negative impacts have not been fully evaluated and require further study. Until these concerns are fully evaluated, approval from the BPDA would be premature. We ask the BPDA to defer consideration of the project until further studies have been conducted.”

He added, “There currently exists a lack of parking for Park users, Franklin Park Zoo visitors, and golfers.”

Linehan raises concerns about the reliance of 95 large satellite parking buses and an “undisclosed number” of shuttles from Orange Line stations. He also calls for a Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) environmental review, usually a quite lengthy process, as well as an Article 97 open space protection law review.

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