Menino clout wielded to stop rival's fund-raiser? Or is Flaherty jumping at shadows?

In the Herald's poli-gossip column this week, we find that a fund-raiser/party at Fenway's Game On! for City Councilor and Mayoral candidate Michael Flaherty was recently called off by the establishment due to what the owner, a Menino supporter, called "merely a case of the venue being double-booked.” Flaherty (or Flats, as The Herald’s Dave Wedge calls him here) doesn't seem to see it that way: Flaherty says the party was booked in April and he was given no reason for the cancellation, but suspects Menino’s clout played a role. Bar owner Patrick Lyons is a supporter of Menino who has given thousands to his campaign. “After 16 years, all you get these days are broken promises and lots of threats,” Flats said. “No one in our city should feel intimidated or bullied by anyone. We should have a democracy, not a dictatorship.” Menino spokeswoman Dot Joyce called the allegations “ridiculous” and said the mayor’s people had no involvement in the cancellation.