Flaherty wants to be Mayor so bad, he'll take a $44k pay cut

Don't be surprised if you notice City Councillor Michael Flaherty brown-bagging it for lunch if he becomes mayor. The Globe reports today that Flaherty, who is saddled with over $900,000 in mortgage debt, would lose the $130,000 he earns annually by serving as a partner at a Boston law firm if he's elected mayor. Losing that income might make those mortgage payments a little more difficult to keep up with. Flaherty tells the Globe:

“I can and will make it work,’’ he said. “I will do what a lot of other people do in Boston every day, which is make it work through careful budgeting.’’

And who of the four candidates for mayor has the most expensive house? Why, it's professional home renovator Kevin McCrea, who lives in a $2.2 million South End brownstone that he resuscitated from a "crack house."