BERNSTEIN: Flaherty camp concerned over polling location change in heart of Southie base

Contributed by Jackie Hai:

The Phoenix blog has the story: The Boston Elections Department raised a minor kerfuffle in the Flaherty camp by deeming St. Matthew the Redeemer Church in South Boston -- smack in the middle of Flaherty country -- no longer a polling place. There are concerns that moving the polls to another location will have a negative affect on voter turnout.

"Geraldine Cuddyer, the city's election commissioner, had a little walkaround meeting with representatives of the Menino, Flaherty, and Yoon campaigns this morning, to discuss options," reports the Phoenix. "Apparently there are a couple of different possibilities under consideration. The election board hopes to make a final decision by the end of next week, after which it will begin notifying residents through a variety of outreach methods."