The city of Boston this week announced that street sweeping— and the related no-parking regulations that go with the cleaning— will go back into effect beginning this Sunday, April 1. Importantly, the city has changed the schedule of sweeping days to... Read more

In the mid-1990s, a group of community activists began a three-year effort— in conjunction with the state’s Metropolitan District Commission (MDC) — to re-imagine Morrissey Boulevard. The result of their work was a 1998 report that proposed an... Read more

There’s a lot of chatter and news in the press— including this newspaper this week — about a certain parade that’s coming up. We think it’s a good time turn our focus to the annual parade that matters most to our community: the Dorchester Day Parade,... Read more

The mayorally appointed task force charged with coming up with a new system for assigning students to the city’s schools has finished its work. The External Advisory Committee (EAC) came to a broad consensus that a new system designed to give families... Read more

There’s an effort afoot in Fields Corner that promises to improve public safety and quality of life in that part of Dorchester. And it could very well be a model for similar efforts elsewhere in our neighborhoods.

Led by two exisiting non-profit... Read more

“We need Congress to act on a comprehensive approach that finally deals with the 11 million undocumented immigrants who are in this country right now.

“The good news is that – for the first time in many years – Republicans and Democrats seem... Read more

Andrea Cabral has been an outstanding Suffolk County Sheriff. The team that she built around her is one that promises to continue to impress now that she has moved on to a new role as Secretary of Public Safety for the Commonwealth.

This week,... Read more

One of the big unresolved news stories of the last year has been the Neponset Greenway and the state’s so-far unsuccessful efforts to get funding to extend the multi-use trail into Mattapan and to make enhancements along Dorchester Bay. Last year saw... Read more

The Boston Globe’s recent in-depth series that focused on Dorchester’s Bowdoin-Geneva neighborhood was, in most ways, outstanding. The package of stories and multi-media presentations on the newspaper’s website— titled... Read more