Together, they made the parade a success

The Dorchester Day Parade is a major undertaking. It takes months of preparation and coordination — and fundraising— to put the parade on the streets for all of us to enjoy. The committee that does this work is made up entirely of volunteers who meet year-round for the benefit of the greater good.

The parade is an inclusive, celebratory event that Dorchester can justifiably point to with pride. This year’s parade was family-friendly and, according to police reports, unsullied by any trouble along the route. It was a good representation of the broad, diverse and welcoming community that we know and love.

They volunteer committee— led by Marty Hogan (president), Joe Zinck (vice-president), Ed Geary, Jr. (clerk), Mary DeMarino (secretary), and Chris Isabelle-Hogan (treasurer) have done an outstanding job and we thank them for their service. The entire committee includes George Hacunda and Dick Bennett (historians), Karen MacNutt (judge advocate) and Joe Chaisson (at-large member); Jill Cahill Baker, Marie Marshall, Ruth Brown, Binh Nguyen, Kelly Butts, Diane Huynh, Sally Cahill, Pat O’ Brien, Tony Dang, Ed Pimental, Caroline Cahill Delano, Allyson Quinn, Kim Kostka Delano, Peter Sasso, Jean Cahill Donovan, John Scannell, Annissa George, Pam Smith, Christine Hogan, Barbra Trybe and Lisa Zinck. A hearty thanks to all.

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