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All winter long, those of us serving the poor worried about heat. Would people have it? Would they be able to afford it? Would they have to choose between heat and other basic needs, such as food? The answer was "yes," they would have to choose.

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Getting pumped for Sunday's big parade? Not yet? It's OK, let the Reporter help you get in the mood to celebrate all things Dorchester. Here's a classic from our Dot Day archives: Mike Baker's ode to OFDs.


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Several hundred words to tell a lifetime. When thousands cannot explain just the dance of her eyes when she smiled. And millions would not do justice to the natural beauty that radiated from her every pore.

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On Friday, Dec. 14, 2007 lifelong Port Norfolk resident Michael "Porpar" Leahy suffered a massive heart attack after working a long shift plowing snow at Logan Airport.

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To explain the mortgage crisis that became a global credit crisis, US Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) started by putting the blame on the party politics of Ronald Reagan. Instead of borrowers, brokers, financial markets or even the Federal Reserve Bank,... Read more

After this long and snowy winter, everyone in the city is looking forward to spring. It's time to start cleaning up. Cleaning the remnants of the winter's storms and all of the sand and refuse that has accumulated on our streets will make our... Read more

Two longtime Boston Globe "inside" journalists bid adieu to the newspaper early this month, collectively leaving behind close to 70 years' worth of reporting, editing, and administering, and taking with them just as many years' worth of institutional... Read more

Have you ever seen the photo from 1976 of a white high school student who appears to be using a flag pole with an American flag on it to attack a black man in a suit? This was the searing incident for our city that came to symbolize Boston's racial... Read more

The year: 1988. The place: Richmond Street, Lower Mills. Three or four adolescent girls (these days, we'd have been called "tweens") discovered a phenomenon that would more or less define the next few years of our lives: a boy band known as the New... Read more

The state's high court on Tuesday reversed a lower court decision to suppress evidence of illicit firearms in what officers initially thought was a case of illegal drug use.

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A St. Patrick's Day breakfast at C.F. Donovan's restaurant on Savin Hill Ave. last Saturday raised more than $10,000 for the Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta food pantry. Shown above, l-r, are Arthur Donovan, proprietor of C.F. Donovan's restaurant... Read more

I really don't care about Roger Clemens. I couldn't care less about allegations that he and his wife used steroids. That story shows up way down on the negative side of my care-o-meter, believe it or not. My question is, "Why does the United States... Read more

With more than 18,000 employees, the City of Boston is one of the largest employers in the state. But on any given day, we have several part-time and full-time positions that need to be filled. The City of Boston strives to hire diverse individuals who... Read more

You know who your friends are when they pass your foxhole test. Your foxhole is the place where you engage in the battles of life and these people are right beside you holding the flank, never leaving. Even though in moments of madness you may have... Read more

When bargaining began between the city of Boston and its firefighters over a year and a half ago, the union made it very clear that the Boston Fire Department is in desperate need of change, and that the union was committed to working with the... Read more