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By Veena Dharmaraj and Paola Massoli

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s (MBTA) recent Focus40 report outlining the 25-year investment plan to meet the transportation needs of the Greater Boston region makes no commitment to... Read more

Gun violence in Boston’s neighborhoods continues to take a heavy toll, with a disproportionate share falling on Dorchester, Mattapan, and Roxbury.

According to the Boston Public Health Commission, the homicide rate for young black males in our... Read more

By Edward M. Cook
Special to the Reporter

I have a very visceral reaction to Peter Buttigieg running for president. In March 1985, I moved back to Dorchester, my childhood home, and on June 20 I was elected the co-chair of the Dorchester... Read more

To the Editor:

As a recently retired self-employed carpenter, I think it’s great that you gave such prominent coverage to Trades Woman of the Year Ziven Drake.  (3/28 issue, Page 1, above the fold – “Ziven Drake, ‘Trades Woman... Read more

To the Editor:

Despite years of community input aimed at paring down Dot Block’s overwhelming size and promoting much more housing affordability plus high employment standards for this enormous project, it was voted through... Read more

By James W. Dolan
Special to the Reporter

What has happened to our once glorious republic? After surviving a civil war, we managed to heal the wounds and move on to what would become the American century. It now seems to be eroding under... Read more

By Edward M. Cook
Special to the Reporter

“I am from the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party,” said presidential candidate Howard Dean in 2003. I am also from that wing. I want to shout that quote at the Democratic Congressional... Read more

By Roy Lincoln Karp
Special to the Reporter

There are times when our nation has needed the voices of young people to be woken up from a moral slumber, to be shaken from a state of political complacency. One cannot think of the struggle for... Read more

By Barry Lawton and Marti A. Glynn

The voters have spoken and like it or not, marijuana is legal in Boston. Given the newness of this industry, it is hardly surprising that everyone from elected officials to license applicants to community... Read more

By Mayor Martin J. Walsh 

Every year on the third Monday in April, tens of thousands of athletes gather in Hopkinton to begin the 26.2-mile Boston Marathon run to Boylston Street at Copley Square. All along the route, tens of thousands of... Read more

Exhibit No.1 Debacle in Fall River

By Mac D’Alessanadro

Earlier this month, Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia was recalled and then re-elected – on the same day. Observers were stunned. But the will of voters has been... Read more

By Mary Nee

For any animal shelter, a reliable, responsible, and experienced foster care network is invaluable. While the majority of dogs and cats that come to the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) find new homes in a matter of days, there... Read more

By James W. Dolan
Special to the Reporter

Well, I made it! Days are shorter, clocks are louder, and everyone’s younger. I’m eighty. I have loved and been loved, laughed and cried and observed the immense goodness and profound evil of which... Read more

naieer_in_art_class_in_dan_habibs_intelligent_lives.jpgNaieer Shaheed in art class at the Henderson. Dan Habib... Read more

By Lawrence S. DiCara

Walter Muir Whitehill reminded us over fifty years ago that “the streets of Boston are conspicuously unsuited for automobile traffic.” I see no reason to disagree with that statement fifty years later. Boston will never be... Read more


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