Clark Booth on Sports

The fourth in a season-long series of reflections on the 50th anniversary of the “Impossible Dream” Red Sox season of 1967.

For much of September that unforgettable year it was like the veritable calm before the storm, a lingering spell of... Read more

Barring convolutions, mad dashes, or mere meltdowns that would be downright historic, this September has the makings of being the dullest stretch-run in baseball’s recent annals. Not a good thing.

With four weeks to go – just when the erstwhile... Read more

It’s the eve of another National Football League Season and the tub-thumping is off the charts. Ratings have never been higher, revenues never greater, profits never grosser. A dedicated army of media apologists is poised in breathless anxiety to claim... Read more

The Dodgers have ever been with us. East Coast. West Coast.  Up and down. Through thick and thin. Oft amusing, most always likeable, and never boring.

The early editions of Patriarch Wilbert Robinson – the beloved “Uncle Robbie” – were... Read more

Rounding the bases – long the occasional custom here – while wondering if the Patriots’ sloppy exhibition kickoff against the eternally pathetic Jaguars officially ends talk of “perfection” this season. Not that the team itself would be guilty of such... Read more

Although its prominence has been irrefutable for at least 40 years now, the mid-season, non-waiver, dump ‘em while you can still get something for ‘em trade deadline has never generated more sheer noise even as this year’s rendition proved to be mainly... Read more

The second in a season-long series of reflections on the “Impossible Dream” Red Sox season of 1967.

It has seemingly become a staple of the fable, something, if you weren’t around then, you might smile about and wonder why it was such a... Read more

Summer peaks, and so with it should baseball be peaking. But 2017 is not your ordinary season. While ostensibly booming financially – ever the foremost consideration – fundamental questions about how the game is being played, including some challenges... Read more

While you’re off on the beach for a couple of weeks, stuff keeps happening on the relentless merry-go-round of contemporary sport. The games never sleep. No sense trying to catch up, let alone the need. But here are a couple of highlights, or... Read more

Earlier this month, an obscure and undistinguished spare part of the Cincinnati Reds named Scooter Gennett took an illustrious seat in baseball history right alongside the fabled likes of Lou Gehrig, Chuck Klein, and Willie Mays. Scooter hit four home... Read more

On the eve of summer, winter finally ends. The skates are hung up, sneakers stashed away. Seasons that once routinely ended around Easter now drag on to the ides of June. But all good things come to an end. The winter games, having long... Read more

The seasons crunch, these days. Spring rolls into summer, bringing  with it a flood of pre football-season annuals, dope-books, treasure troves of analytics, and if you’ve checked out much of it (proof of being the proud possessor of an idle mind, by... Read more

Tradition, a rather precious thing in this space, obliges a close look at the baseball season as the first checkpoint – the Memorial Day weekend heralding the nearness  of summer – comes and goes. And, with roughly 30 percent of the regular season... Read more

Whining about injuries is lame. No cliché in sports more swiftly induces a more profound wince than the timeless observation that “injuries are part of the game.” That would be for every game, even tiddlywinks.  So, what else is new?

The point... Read more

Money! Follow the money. It’s all about the money. Money makes the world go round. Money talks and you know what walks. In Baseball, the color of money is ugly.

The subject of money suffocates the game. You can’t talk about baseball without... Read more